New User - Taste Question

Just starting out and opted for vanilla to start.
Its a bit sweet for me - any suggestions?

If you can be bothered with the faff, buy some U/U Huel & mix 50/50 or as you prefer. A few people on this forum do that.

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I had the same issue after a few days. I ordered one bag of vanilla and one unflavoured/unsweetened (accidently!) but the UFUS is 100% my favourite. I use the flavour powders with it and i think it is perfect.

I have ran out of the UFUS today so I will be using the vanilla until my next batch arrives. I think the UFUS is a bit more flexible for adding fruit and other flavourings as its like a blank canvas. I originally added banana flavour to my vanilla but it was just far too sweet.

I know this doesn’t really help you right now but its just my findings so far :slight_smile: . The mixing option sounds like a good idea too!

I’ve noticed a lot of people sell their Huel on this forum or on ebay if it doesn’t suit so You could always try that.

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Thank you very much!

Thanks a million!