Unflavoured investment worth it?

Hey there, I am just about to buy another batch of huel, and I was wondering what the situation is with the flavor pouches.

Before I invest in a bag of unflavoured as well as vanilla I just wanted to make sure the unflavoured + flavour pouches is a good enough combo to make the investment, and vanilla is alright on its own, but I am keen to make it more interesting as I am getting a little bored.

I’d be very interested in hearing everyone’s views on this!

I use a 50/50 mix of vanilla and unflavoured, with occasional other flavours and it works for me. I’ve not used unflavoured with pouches, but personally a 50/50 split is awesome.

If you’re already used to Vanilla chances are you are going to struggle with U/U. U/U is very earthy and because it lacks a sweetener adding a flavour pouch doesn’t take away the earthy taste. I would probably buy a sample pouch of U/U and mix up a plain and flavoured test.

I cannot stomach the vanilla flavour so I’ve switched to the U/U. I use the pineapple and coconut and banana flavours and I think they are great. I like the subtle taste and actually think it tastes a bit like porridge! I feel like You can do more in terms of flavour with the U/U as to me the vanilla is very overpowering. Hope you find a mix that suits!

I’m really enjoying 1 scoop vanilla, 2 scoops unflavoured and a tablespoon of chocolate flavouring.

I have to say after following the initial ‘welcome’ instructions and using just unflavoured I almost wretched. I think as Rachel above says you need to find a mix that suits yourself. Good luck. I’ve just started myself.

Unflavored is great for cooking.
Pancakes, sour or sweet crepes, cakes etc.
I usually do a mixed dough: huel and flour for example.

Just cooked delicious pancakes with icecream with unflavored g.free Huel.