First flavour sampler - recs on UU or Vanilla for each flavour?

Just received a new delivery including a flavour sampler and looking for recommendations of UU or Vanilla to get the best out of each?

Asking as I had a chocolate flavour pack with a previous order and found it much better with UU than Vanilla. Whereas I’ve tried adding instant coffee granules and much prefer Vanilla than UU.

With the flavour pack - think you only get the one shot so…

I think this does depend on your level of sweet tooth: I’ve found the standard recipe of one flavour boost to three scoops of vanilla Huel filled to 700ml is way too sweet for me across the board, even though that’s what the flavour boosts have been designed for. Unfortunately the intensity of the flavour does seem to suffer if you mix it with pure U/U though. Perhaps you could try the one scoop vanilla, two scoops U/U that I’ve settled on, or even make a half-size mix (½ scoop vanilla, 1 scoop U/U, filled to 350ml) to bring the flavour forward, just while you’re trying out the samples?

If you’re looking for an easy savoury option, give this a try some day: 330ml tomato juice, some chilli sauce and three scoops U/U (2½ if you want to stick to 500 calories) filled to 700ml with water.

Useful feedback thanks. Good idea re mixing UU and Vanilla to temper the sweetness - may well try that