Unflavoured & unsweetened vs flavoured vanilla

ive had the flavoured vanilla and new vanilla but find them sweet and not sure about having sweeteners in my food. do folk find a big difference in flavour and how do they flavour the unsweetened stuff naturally?

Hi! I am in the opposite situation. With my first order I tried the unflavoured, but it is really strong and the taste is really unpleasant. I ate it for two weeks, trying various combinations, but last week I’ve decided to order also the Original vanilla, which I’ve just received, and I haven’t liked the flavour of the sweetener.

Tomorrow I’m going to try 2 scoops vanilla +1 unflavoured, hoping it’s not too sweet.

Concerning the unflavoured, I found a good combination is 3 scoops + 2 spoons cocoa powder + 1 spoon agave syrup. I