Wrong flavour regubd

Ok so I thought I would be smart and instead of the lovely vanilla flavour, my last order I changed it to unflavoured and unsweetened. Omg it’s disgusting and tastes like mouldy cardboard! Somewhere I think I read that if you don’t like it you can return any unopened bags for a refund - is this true? Have now put in another order for 3 bags vanilla, but have no vanilla left so until order comes on Tuesday will be struggling. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the horrible aftertaste of the unsweetened one? I’ve no flavour sachets either in the house. Help!

The difference between Vanilla and unflavoured is Sucralose (the sweetener) and the Vanilla flavour. If you can find some Sucralose in a shop you can add that to take away the horrible taste. As for flavouring I’m sure you can find something.

@Coup thanks for the feedback, I’ve ordered some flav drops that are arriving tomorrow. Can’t believe the difference between the unflavoured and the vanilla. Cheers

You can always use baking flavourings (found in the baking isles of good supermarkets)
I found salted caramel and I was hooked !!
OR the coffee syrups (in the coffee isle) and these do an excellent job too !

@Dln1965 I never even thought of the coffee syrups, got a load of these in the house, will try one today, thanks mate.

Zero calorie syrups and flavour drops from the likes of MyProtein and The Protein Works are good adds too.