Recent deliveries - original vanilla or unflavoured/unsweetened?

Anyone taken recent delivery of unsweetened/unflavoured or original vanilla?

How is it compared to your previous batches?

Have my next shipment coming up and though I’ve postponed a few times based on the negative feedback, it seems like it may all have settled down now.

I’ve had original vanilla and berry both fine :blush:

So that’s 100% for original and 0% for U/U so far!

I’ve had a delivery of original and u/u in the past week and haven’t noticed anything different compared to previous orders. No nasty tastes or weird smells. Both seem fine to me. :+1:

Thanks both

Not too many on the forum buying original vanilla and u/u these days by the looks of it…

Next delivery due this week, so will go with a no (not much) news is good news interpretation!

I buy original vanilla but received a large order before the plastic taste issue.

I much prefer original vanilla. Apart from one bag of berry, one bag of new vanilla and two bags of uu, original vanilla is all I’ve had since July 2017.

Thanks both.
After my earlier post I dropped the team at huel a mail and confirmed shipment / tweaked the mix of bags.
Expecting delivery towards the end of the week and looking forward to it.

I’ve had new vanilla delivered mid July n last week & both were fine, also u/u from mid July no issues. Both gluten free tho so not sure how much help this is to you!

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