Différence vs New Vanilia and original


What is the difference between New vanlia and Original?
The new one is best?

I had ordered 2 packs of U&U and I absolutely HATE it so i think i should buy a new power that is flavoured. Are the flavoured version very different of the U&U in terms of taste?


Original is the original vanilla flavour Huel launched with years ago. New is an entirely new flavour. They taste completely different from one another. Which is best is entirely personal choice. I’m old school so I prefer original. Original is also more neutral so you can easier flavour it yourself. New vanilla has a very distinctive taste to it.

The flavoured versions are very different to U&U. There are two differences between a flavoured version and U&U. One is obviously the flavour and the other is sucralose (a sweetener). The sweetener masks the earthy taste from U&U.

Yes as @coup says the two vanillas taste quite different; I like them both. I don’t like unflavoured on its own, but mix it 50/50 with either of the others and it is great.

Buy a bag of each of them, stick them in a bucket with the U/U mix up and should be about right.


New Vanilla tastes a bit like vanilla toffee
Original doesn’t really have a taste other than being really sweet

I’d recommend getting one bag of each, and a box of flavour samples and then you can experiment.


Same here. The two flavours are totally different. I can drink Vanilla (new) on it’s own and enjoy it. Can’t say the same for Original though, far too sweet for my tastes. Mix with U&U and a spoonful of flavour boost and it tastes good.

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I don’t like New Vanilla (or Berry, or Coffee). I do like Original - a lot - but find it too sweet on its own so, like many others here, I mix it 50/50 with Unflavoured. Recently I’ve been experimenting with even less Original and more Unflavoured - a third to two thirds works just fine, and I’m going to try 25/75 tomorrow and see what that’s like.

I wouldn’t mix two bags together, but I can judge it pretty finely with the scoop, or more accurately with a digital scale.

To personal taste, I tell you Original, but in general I don’t mind even the New version. I prefer to customize more with natural additions (cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, fruit) than to use already beautiful and ready versions.

A useful philosophy that Huel could think of approaching is to make only one taste, for example “Huel” taste. They could make it neutral and give space to various possibilities.

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I have found that the Original flavour is best for mixing the flavour up :+1: