Original vs New Vanilla


I want to know what the difference is between Original vanilla and New vanilla - both in terms of taste, and ingredients.
I’ve been looking through the forum and from what I can gather, the New vanilla is sweeter, and the Original is more oaty and natural.
Can anyone who has tried both comment for me?

From an ingredients point of view, what is the difference?
Is there more sucralose in the New Vanilla?
Any other differences?


You’ll get a lot of polarised views with some in the middle liking both.

Me I’m firmly original having tried new twice. Too artificial tasting is how I remember it. Wouldnt try it again voluntarily.


Thanks, I might go for the Original. I like the Unflavoured one, and hate the sweet berry one, so I think I’m probably going to prefer the original…
Only one way of finding out for sure!
Wish they did samples so you could try the different flavours before buying a whole bag - I hate food wastage, and there are such drastically different opinions on which tastes nice and which tastes terrible! Its a personal thing thats hard to guess before you try…


I’m like many on here in not wanting to waste what I have. You could buy one of each and accept that you may need to flavour your way out of one or possibly both.

I think I may have used 1-2 teaspoons of coffee with mine and only had it in the mornings for that reason. Maybe you could try cocoa powder too.

It wasn’t undrinkable, but when you have a better option…


@rtrt have you found a way to flavour your way out of the Berry? (if you’ve tried it?)
I tried one scoop and it was the most foul sweet artificial disgusting thing I’ve ever drunk!!!
Really unbearable. No way I can face trying it again.

Anyone found any way to salvage the Berry and make it drinkable?? (assuming you hated it as much as me! I know loads of people are loving it)


The unflavoured unsweetened is amazing though - absolutely delicious!
I’m suprised so many people find it terrible - funny how different all our taste buds are

I’ve tried mixing it half and half U/U and Berry but that just ruins the U/U and its still as unbearable!


No sorry not tried - I’m just u/u and original vanilla here


Does anyone know what the difference in ingredients is?


Have a look in here: https://uk.huel.com/pages/nutritional-information-and-ingredients


I’ve tried looking there, but there’s so many ingredients I can’t tell the difference.


Really? It was very difficult for me to drink it all. I should try it again… Which proportions are you using? Do you mix the U/U only with water?


Small difference in proportion flavour/sweeteners. Vanilla has less sucralose than Original.


Thanks Tim! Helpful info :slight_smile:


Hi @airiartev
I used two level scoops of U/U and 400ml water.
I really like the bland oaty flavour.
But then I eat porridge completely plain and also drink pea protein with water and think that’s nice!
It really depends on your tastebuds.
I’m so used to plain oatcakes and rice cakes etc that the U/U is quite a familiar taste to me.

I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I’m Caeliac so am using the gluten free -U/U
Perhaps @TimOfficialHuel can clarify but I believe the gluten free version simply uses gluten free oats and all other ingredients the same?

This morning I mixed 2 scoops U/U with 100ml water then added 300ml Tropicana Ltd Edition Mixed Berry freshly squeezed juice WOW Mind Blown !!! Delicious :smiley: Very similar to putting fresh berries in my morning porridge


I have tried original, new, coffee and berry. (And all the sample flavour sachets!).
My first huel was new vanilla (I figured if it was new it must be improved/better). I thought it was horribly sweet and I got upset as I was so excited to finally get huel! I smashed through the bag of the “new vanilla” and eventually I got used to the sweetness, the aftertaste faded and I really enjoyed it for my lunch every single day for a month. Then had a crisis over whether to order the “old vanilla” as I had finally started to enjoy my daily shake.
Ordered the old vanilla and oh my goodness I can’t believe “new vanilla” is even a thing. I couldn’t believe that ANYONE would prefer the cloyingly sweet horrible artificial “new vanilla” over the delicious subtle, sweet vanillary goodness that is the old one! Obviously reading over the forums opinions are extremely divided, but I honestly was shocked with the difference and I will NEVER buy new vanilla again. I want to re-order the flavour sachets so I have a chance to try them on top of less sweet intensity!


What’s your opinion about the berry? too sweet or it’s ok?


its not sweet enough if anything


I think it’s way too sweet. Funny how all our tastebuds are so different!


How can we all differ so much?

For me the flavour is very similar but the smell is very vanilla and sweet, which is the way it should be.

I think that the problem of the old-new vainilla is because there is no a plain flavour and for most of the people, the original vainilla was their normal Huel, with a very subtly flavour and smell.


I don’t find the berry flavour strong enough at all, but sweetness it’s similar to original vanilla :slight_smile: