Sweet? Not at all

Do I dare posting this? Yes I do!

I use the New and Improved Vanilla and I don’t think it’s sweet at all…

I read a lot of posts where people are saying that they think the New and Improved Vanilla is so sweet. I might be used to sweet but it does not bother me at all. The other day I was at the gym and bought a protein shake there. I couldn’t believe how sweet it was!!!

It was like ten times New and Improved Vanilla… I couldn’t believe that this was the protein shake I was used to before Huel and I met. Back then I thought that was a regular shake which was good for me to take every day.


Good to find someone who doesn’t find it too sweet too!! Then again I have a huge sweet tooth so I’m not the most reliable :stuck_out_tongue: New Vanilla is the only base I drink alone: it tastes like original with vanilla flavour system! :smiley:

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That’s great to hear! Thanks. It’s crazy, answering Facebook DMs earlier and I had two messages from two separate people. Message 1 - this is disgustingly sweet I want my money back. Message 2 - ummm this tastes really bland. Both were referring to New and Improved Vanilla!

Great to hear you are both loving it!


Hahha yeah it’s crazy how radically people’s tastebuds differ, kudos to you and the team for creating a product that’s both healthy and (some) people manage to enjoy it over time: my dad always says “if it tastes good, it’s probably not healthy!”

Please never ever stop making Original Vanilla though, I feel like that’s the best mildly sweet base for flavour boosts :slight_smile:


In all honesty I don’t care for it but also don’t find it “too sweet”, rather there is an uncomfortable aftertaste that is quite bitter, maybe the sucralose? I still think it’s more toffee than vanilla though lol

The I’ve forgotten the specifics of what I don’t like of new vanilla. I did give it a fair try though - 2 bags on 2 separate orders.

It’s original, sometimes mixed with u/u when I’m in the mood for lower sweetness.

I’ve also added a coffee for my next order in a week or 2 as the reports haven’t persuaded me either way.

Bars are still described way too positively for me to buy them - I know that bar snacks will creep in and before I know it much of my good work will be undone :smiling_imp:

I actually add the occasional sweetener to mine… It’s definitely not too sweet imo haha.

But I’d rather see it being able to be sweetened, since it’s easer to go one way than the other, it’s hard to make it less sweet :slight_smile:

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Tim, panic ye not. you can’t please all the people, all of the time. I was worried, having read those reviews… but I honestly think that the new vanilla is a huge improvement on the old one. so I’ve transitioned…

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Whereas I disliked New Huel as too sweet (and bought U&U) and am now considering Original vanilla based on reviews and comments about it being less so… let’s all be grateful there’s choice! :laughing:


I love new vanilla. I tend to add a good pinch of salt (I have always done that with a lot of sweet things), which balances the flavour beautifully.

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Interesting - must try that the next time I plan to mix some u/u with original to make a less sweet one

Interesting reading this thread, when I started Huel I had to use flavour boosts to make it how I like it as I found the vanilla new and improved bland but now two months on I love it on its own and everything else is too sweet. Also really like the Huel with coffee added. Great product.

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I am definitely and firmly in the original vanilla camp. Even that one I mix with flavourless Huel or protein powder to reduce its sweetness.

I think the new vanilla is disgustingly sweet. It honestly tastes more like toffee than vanilla to me. But I also never add sweeteners to any drinks, never drink soda or other sweet drinks.

Honestly, I think processed foods contain way too much sweeteners and salt and it’s easy to get desensitized to that.

My first order is the new vanilla,and I do find it pretty sweet. Do you guys recommend the original vanilla,or the u/u instead? I was scared the u/u would be too oaty tasting, which is why I went for vanilla. I’m not keen on the taste of coffee, and I’m currently adding cacao powder and extra water to tone it down a bit. I’d be happy to have to add sweetner, but I’m not keen on porridge so if it’s too oat tasting that would be a deal breaker.


U&U is oaty tasting and not sweet so I wouldn’t recommend it on its own (though do try, just in case). As you’re finding New Vanilla is too sweet, try ordering a bag of U&U and having half and half. You’ll hopefully find a mix that’s the right sweetness for you and you don’t waste any that way.

I also add cacao to mine, it’s lovely!

Y’huel never please everyone’s tastes Tim.


Hueller for about 10 months now using u/u and old vanilla. I had not tried the new ones so my last order was a bag of each of the four flavours so I could decide on the one to order going forward. What do you know… I really like them all. Some meals I just fancy unflavoured and other times coffee or a vanilla. Just enjoying the variety to be honest so my next order will be one of each as well!

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I truly hate the “New & Improved”.

Tim, PLEASE never stop producing the Original. I’m a customer for life as long as Original is available.


IIRC they said Original will stay in production as long as people buy it. So, keep buying it. I too prefer old vanilla so that’s what I buy

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Completely agree - I don’t find the new and improved vanilla sweet at all. It’s subtle and I’m enjoying it.

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