Preferred the old flavour, could we have a Vanilla flavour pouch?

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Having bought my first batch in September (which I think was v1), I got a little bit of a shock when I made a shake from the new batch, not realising there was a V1.2.

As well as a noticeable difference in texture, I have to say I’m not as keen on the new less sweet flavour, I really actually quite liked the flavour before. It’s not a deal breaker by any means I’ll still be using it every day, but just not the same. As someone else said I used to actually look forward to having a shake, where as now its a bit more of a perfunctory decision about it being healthy and easy and good for me, a logical choice. But a little of the enjoyment is definitely gone.

I realise that this is a personal preference, and I’m sure there are many who actually quite like the new less sweet flavour. I realise its not really possible to make loads of different batches to get the old flavour for some and the new flavour for others. And I realise that with the new flavour pouches, it was probably a good idea to take away a good measure of the vanilla and sweetness anyway and only have a hint, so it didn’t override the strawberry flavour etc when people added it.

But could it be a compromise to have a “vanilla” flavour pouch of sorts in addition to the strawberry etc that already exist. Some people may go full unflavoured, some people the slight vanilla of the “vanilla” one, but then some would have the choice to add some vanilla and sweetness back in and get back to the V1 flavour?



@julian I think this is an awesome idea, would mean those going fully unsweetened, could get all the different flavours, and still have the option of a savoury home made mix when needed.

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Agreed this is good idea. I will look into this. Thank you both.

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