2.0 weird after taste

Hey i had a full month on v1.2 and the vanilla flavour was lovely really looked forward to the next shake just made first batch of v2.0 and it has a wierd bitter taste near the back of the tongue, have you changed the sweetener at all? I know its got new stuff in it.

Any chance of me going back to v1.2 haha, no worries it is not a major thing I can get used to it but just wondered that’s all.

U/U 2.0 tasted really weird the first time I had it, with flavouring drops. I thought it was sweeter but my next one had no flavouring added, and I realised it was saltier. I’m noticing the aftertaste too (for the first time having a mint or some water after Huel) and I guess it’s because they doubled the salt.

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