Do people want the ability to have a mixture of flavoured and unflavoured pouches?

Hi everyone.

As the title says, would people be interested in being able to have a mixture of the flavoured and unflavoured pouches in your orders? Something like if you orders 2 weeks worth, you could order half and half, 1 of unflavoured 3 of vanilla etc.

Would this interest anyone?

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Most definitely…
i´d like to experiment savoury flavours while still having vanilla in the mornings…

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I’d like that’ as has been said, having the flavoured version for the day with a bit of unflavoured for trying savoury recipes with would be cool, especially if you can mix up a months worth order with varying numbers of flavoured/unflavoured bags!

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Definitely, this is exactly the reason me and my friend order on one account. We ordered 4 vanilla and 4 unsweetened so we could mix them up.

Absolutely! Just got my first order today and that was one of my first thoughts when opening it. Very happy with it so far! Enjoy the taste a lot and my body started buzzing from all that nutrition. Tomorrow I’m going to try it with some unsweetened almond milk! I know I’m going off topic but I just had to share this excitement. :smile:

Although I have yet to try the goodness of huel yet so not sure how my taste buds will fair with the vanilla I think more choice when ordering is never a bad thing :slightly_smiling:.

I would certainly have opted in my first order to get 1 of each to see which I prefer if the option had been there! Rather than wasting a weeks order on 2 pouches of unsweetened if I didn’t like it.

Well, it seems that this ability to mix Vanilla and U&U is now alive (although I didn’t have seen any announcement; sorry if everybody already knew that!).
That is a great news, thank you for listening to your customers so carefully! :slightly_smiling:

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