Mixing Vanilla and Unflavored Huel in single order?

Can I order 2 weeks of Vanilla Flavor and 2 weeks of Unsweetened / Unflavored and get 10% discount? Or I have to do 4 weeks of single type for 10% discount?

Looking at the buying process, you can choose exactly what distribution you want of each bag type in the order. 2 of each, 3 of one and 1 of the other, doesn’t seem to matter. Use the slider. :slight_smile:

I needed to mix my vanilla and unsweetened Huel :frowning:
I ordered the unsweetened by mistake and we did not like it.
Not keen on the mix but that is simply due to personal taste.

you could just get some of the flavouring?

Thank you for your reply.I did purchase some coffee flavouring.
But consistency was different and not so enjoyable.
Lesson learnt to order with less haste :slight_smile:

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