Unsweetened samples

I’m already using the vanilla version and wanted to try a few more flavours and maybe try the natural unsweetened unflavored version. I see that you only sell the 100g bags of the vanilla version.

Could I request a 100g sample of the unflavored one?
I want to try the mocha and toffee flavours too and those are waiting in my basket… :smile:


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The unflavoured samples are a couple of weeks away.

@Julian any ETA on the unflavoured samples? I’m nearing the point I’d need another order, and would like to try the unsweetened alongside my normal vanilla.

I should have an answer tomorrow for you.

I’ve just heard back 7-10 days. I will email you directly in a min.

I’m also interested :smile:

I’d like to have the option of a sample size of unsweetened too, before taking the plunge and buying even one full bag of it.

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Any newS? :smile:
it’s been over a month now!

Still waiting, sorry.

Next week I’ve been promised.

The unsweetened samples are available on the website now! http://huel.com/collections/other-huel-products/products/huel-100g-sample-pouch?variant=12719565638

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What happened to those samples?