Anyone else found Huel does not mix as well any more?

I use a blender and never had a mixing problem before but in recent months I find it sticking to the sides in lumps that are dry inside. I have to knock them off with a teaspoon and give it a second go. It’s not a big issue but I wonder if anyone else has found the same?

Huel seems to be a finer powder these days and I am wondering if that is the cause.

Sorry to hear this is the case! I personally don’t use a blender so can’t say I’ve noticed this. Thanks for the feedback though, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

How much water are you using compared to Powder? The suggested 250ml per scoop?

I guess it’s just me. I use 200ml of water per scoop because I prefer a thicker texture so that might be partly it.

It’s only started happening recently so perhaps it’s just my aging blender.

When I use a blender it isn’t that bad at all, using the shaker with the black edition its hard to get a smooth texture.

I don’t have a problem with either blender or shaker (with ice-guard in situ).
PS I use 400ml water to 90g Huel powder.

I’ve never encountered a mixing issue. I use the supplied shaker or a blender to mix it I’m adding fruit or ice. I find following the recommended way of mixing ensures a well blended Huel.