Clumping Issue with Version 3.0

Hey All,

I made this account specifically to give feedback regarding the clumping issue with version 3.0. I have read several posts regarding this issue, and would like to add my voice the growing chorus. I figure if there are enough of these posts changes will happen.

I had 0 clumping issues with version 1.0, but have somewhat extensive issues with version 3.0. It does not matter what shaker I use or how long I shake, the clumps remain.

I make my Huel pretty much how the package recommends, about 9 oz of cold water per scoop of Huel, and changed nothing about how I made Huel when I switched versions.

I’m not being dramatic and saying I’ll stop drinking Huel because of this (its too convenient and it makes me feel awesome!), but it does definitely make me open to trying out some competitors.

Other than the clumping issues the product is great!


I found 3.0 to be much lumpier if I drank it immediately after making it. After a few hours in the fridge it was no more lumpy than the previous version. Since I much prefer the taste after a few hours in the fridge, I don’t have an issue. If I needed to drink my Huel right away (say if I was mixing it on a lunch break) then 3.0 would be a massive downgrade.

So I agree with you but I’m not personally affected.


I noticed this most with the banana premix. it’s impossible to shake the lumps out of that one, except maybe by adding so much water that you get a watery thin Huel. Maybe the combination of natural banana powder and the tapioca gets too sticky??

Could be – but one of the benefits of Tapioca over other starches is that it becomes clear and completely dissolves even at low temperatures. As David mentioned – I have noticed that some clumps remain after shaking – even after a quick blending – but these dissipate completely when left standing. I was in a rush this morning and made up two shakes quickly. When I poured them out of the blender I noticed that there were still a few clumps from powder that had stuck to the side of the jug, however when I came to drink the first one ten minutes later, they had dissolved.

I’ve not seen so many complaints about clumping issues with v3.0. Thanks for raising. One of the main goals with v3.0 was to improve the smoothness. We’ve definitely achieved this with the inclusion of tapioca starch but if that isn’t blending then that’s a problem. Personally I haven’t found this, here are somethings I think that will help (you might be doing some of these already)

  • Ice cubes can help break it up
  • Metal whisk ball can help
  • Leaving in the fridge will help
  • Use the ice barrier as this will prevent you drinking any residual lumps
  • Blending is obviously the best way to remove lumps, but the above are far more convenient

Hope that helps. I’ll pass on the feedback.

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Thanks for the quick reply, suggestions, and passing along the feedback Tim!

I do generally drink my Huel immediately after shaking, that sounds like it could be a reason why others who let their Huel sit do not experience this. I have shakers with metal whisk balls, they do not seem to help with the clumping, but maybe I’ll try adding a few ice cubes.

Hopefully the clumping issue will be reduced in future versions!


I might be in the minority here Tim but i am not a huge fan of the smoothness, i preferred the more porridgey texture of 2.3 it felt more like food to me, i dont mind 3.0 but definitely have to switch gears in my brain to drink it, it is more like a slightly thicker mcdonalds milkshake now i would say. Not bad, just not what i’m used to :stuck_out_tongue:


with your new Carlos Fandango Super Wide Wheels (gratuitous 80’s advertising reference) blender - even 2.3 wouldn’t stand a chance and would come out super smooth :slight_smile:

I actually used 2.3 with it first! I had half a bag of original to burn through before i moved onto 3.0, and its not so much the texture as how its blended, its… different, not sure how to describe it. Kind of, 2.3 felt like sooth porridge, i guess 3.0 has a more filmy like texture to it? Not saying its super filmy and bad jsut don’t have the words to describe what i mean!

You’re right! I’ve tried it now, it becomes a lot smoother if I let it stand for 10 minutes in the fridge. :slight_smile: It also seems to get thicker, but that makes sense.

quick fix is to add a mixer ball to the shaker you can get them for £2 and makes a big difference


@chris1980 I cannot recommend this enough, the difference is like night and day!

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