Lumpy and Powdery? HELP

Hey Huelers,

I’m new to a Huel and on Day 3. I am really struggling with the texture. It’s slightly lumpy and definitely leaves a powdery reminence in my mouth. I usually love shakes of all varieties but I am struggling with this one.
I work 12-14 hour days in an Ambulance so there is no pre making it and having it ice cold out of the fridge. I buy a bottle of water (that way it’s as cold as possible), make my shake up and vigorously shake before each sip but it’s still slightly lumpy and definitely powdery. Also the v2.3 Vanilla isn’t very sweet (as I’ve read on some posts)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to really love it.

Thanking you muchly :grin:

I used to blend with a hand blender, that gets rid of all the lumps, but now I just shake well and chill in the fridge. When I’m going to be out during the day I put the pre-made Huel into an insulated bottle and leave it in the fridge overnight with the lid off, so it gets nice and cold, then pop the lid on in the morning and voila, nice cold Huel on the go!

Leaving over night definitely helps with the consistency :slight_smile:

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Try mixing with less water to begin with - more empty space in the blender bottle can really help smash the powder into the water, then when you’ve got a nice thick sludge add more water and shake again.

I fill shaker with 400 ml water
Add 125g powder
Shake like crazy for 10 sec
Put another 150ml water in
Shake like crazy again

No lumps.


Yes to all the above :point_up: ! Some useful tips here too :point_down:


Thank you everyone, I think I may have mastered it (almost), definitely less powdery by making a small amount first then adding water until the right consistency.
Also just ordered myself a new blender for smoother Huel at home. :grimacing:
I also like the idea of putting it in an insulated bottle, now I have a task of finding one big enough :raised_hands:t3:

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I got only one real lump in 4 weeks, and it was blocked by the shaker grid. Shake like crazy too for like 30 seconds and then the shaker goes to the fridge.

Does shaking Huel count as gym? :joy:


:joy::joy: I think it should, shoulders are arms are going to be huge from all the shaking!


That’s the game changer right there. Don’t forget to add fruits and such like, blueberries go great with almond milk and huel.

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300ml and 2 scoops of huel
Shake like a cocktail waiter
No lumps

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I always blend mine - definitely makes a big difference. Just a thought, maybe you could buy a rechargeable cordless hand blender that you could take to work with you?
And absolutely put the water in first…