Mixing issues

I thought V3.0 was supposed to be better mixable but I keep on having big lumps in my shakes.

Especially when I use 1 scoop V3.0 and 1 scoop original.

Anyone has mixing issues like me?

Talk us through your mixing technique. Here are some top tips, but I know you’re a veteran Hueligan! :medal_sports:

  1. Always water first (don’t listen to @hunzas who says it doesn’t matter)
  2. Although not in the instructions, I’ve found in the past that reducing the water, shaking, topping up through the spout and reshaking helps
  3. I don’t have a three but things work better in threes… blending?

Have you tried just v3.0 on it’s own? Is it still lumpy?


I use the Huel shaker. I fill it up with 500ml (ignoring @hunzas) , then add two scoops and shake left to right, up and down, diagonally, etc.

Same as I did for the last 2 years basically. With original I had some lumps but not a lot.

With only v3.0 I have significant more lumps but if I mix v3.0 and original then it’s the worst.

I think I have to try the second tip indeed and add less water, then the scoops, shake and add extra water again.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I agree

I have also tried blending but I have this extremely powerful nutribullet which removes the lumps but adds to much air. The whole shake ends up kind of fluffy (I don’t know how to explain it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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thats a fairly good explanation :smiley: I find the same so try to let it stand before I drink it to let some of the air filter out - 10 minutes seems to be enough.

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What kind of shaker are you using? I always use the grid in my Huel shaker as it does a great job of bashing lumps up. I made one without the grid a while ago by mistake and it was quite lumpy. I also have a mixer ball shaker and it’s not bad but not as good as a shaker with a grid for bashing up lumps. I only use v2.3 original.

Granted this doesn’t explain the change you have experienced but I know some people don’t use the grid in the shaker as some believe it’s only an ice mesh.

I always use the grid but it doesn’t remove small lumps. I find it’s often the flavor boost that doesn’t dissolve well and causes lumps more than the Huel powder itself. Not that I care much about lumps. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I believe. I think you’re a deviant and you will burn for eternity.

I’m gonna try the grid in future. But I use a mixer ball. It’s probably a bad idea to use both because you’d bash your balls against the mesh. Might break it.

v3 mixes alright. No better or worse than before, really.


I haven’t had any issues using the grid and a mixer ball the same time although I have strong arms and I shake it hard every time.


I have very puny arms so I doubt I’ll do more damage than you.


I’ve got very punny arms

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Ah that’s a good tip! I’m going to try that.

I use the Huel shaker with grid but my shaker is old and the grid doesn’t fit well anymore. I think that’s because I put my shaker in the dishwasher sometimes.

Yes that’s also true. Some flavour boost don’t dissolve well. The new peanut butter for instance.

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