Am I stoopid?

I’ve been consuming Huel since 2017, so I think I am quite up to date with how things work but, I have recently had a change in how I make my shakes. It’s probably not news to many on here but thought I would share anyway.

So I normally mix as follows, tap water to 500ml, 2 scoops of powder, shake vigorously and then refrigerate between 1 and 12 hours. This gives me a smooth, creamy shake with some very small soft lumps which I really like.
If I want a shake now, then I do the same but drink it as mixed with tap water and suffer the more prevalent powdery lumps.

Last week I used ice cold water, made the shake using the same method and I got the smoothest lump free shake I have ever had, with no need to refrigerate at all.

Is this news for everyone or just me?

I used to get lumps (as you describe after refrigerating and which I quite liked too) but I no longer get them with either black or white. I use cool water and make the same way as you do. Don’t shake it for more than about 20 seconds. I’ve never used ice cold water. I use the new shakers.

Wish the new shakers were a bit wider, especially with the size of the scoops.

I think they changed the formula, to make it smoother. When they released V3, one of the ads stated that it was even smoother than the previous versions, and same goes for BE: it’s supposed to be smoother now.

I missed that ad. But yes it does seem to have worked for me.

I sometimes find issues with the scoop. They are a bit of a tricky combination.

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  • Improved texture - thanks to new ingredients (tapioca and sunflower lecithin) Huel Powder is smoother than ever.


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I hadn’t realised this either. I keep seeing people talk about using ice and I thought it was more about wanting a colder drink.
How cold was our water? Fridge cold? Leave it in the Freezer? Add Ice?

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Normally I would use tap water, but this revelation happened when using refrigerated water, no ice.

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