Poll: Do you prefer Huel freshly made or left to soak?

It is generally well known that leaving Huel in the fridge for a few hours or overnight makes it smoother (and a tad thicker if I remember correctly) and it’s often one of the first bits of advice given to a new person who is struggling to adapt to the texture.

I prefer the grittier freshly made texture over leaving it to soak for a few hours so I was wondering who else is out there who prefers it when freshly made?

Freshly Made or Left to Soak?
  • Freshly Made
  • Left to Soak

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Option 3, both? If I’m up early I will make it the night before!


I prefer it left to sit, but I rarely tend to think far enough ahead to make that happen.

I like both ways. No real preference.

I haven’t drunk it freshly made for ages, just accustomed to refrigerating overnight. It may taste better now as several revisions later.

to be fair, with the texture of V3 and black - as little as 30 minutes in the fridge seems to be enough to make sure all the powder is soaked in.

I’ve honestly never left it to soak, that’s why I like Huel. Bag of Huel under my desk at work, water from the cooler, 2 scoops, quick shake… in me belly! :joy:

Even working from home, I’m just in the habit of making and drinking it when I fancy.

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Freshly made with no doubt. I just wait 1-2 minutes for the bubbles to get out and I drink it.

I have tried soaked Huel and I dont like it it gets too thick for my proportions.



I’m just lazy so I make them at the same time. Some of them will be fresh and chill others. Only thing I insist upon is that the water has to be chilled.

Edits: wow I must not make posts without my glasses in future.

I like both and have no preference either way.

I’m definitely in the leave-it-for-a-few-hours-in-the-fridge camp.

That said, I tried it with Tomato & Herb the other day, and that was horrible…


For Black Edition this effect does not seem to exist, or at least not to be that strong. Is it because it is grain-free? How do you prepare Black Edition usually?

Both for me too, depending what I feel like!

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I’m like super lazy, I prepare all my Huel at once in the morning, so the first I drink did not soak, but other they did.
I don’t mind either way for white edition, but for black edition I really prefer it soaked (coffee-caramel). I put more water than recommanded, but it still become nicely thick :slight_smile:

Always chilled and thick. If I don’t have one ready then half an hour plus in the freezer works well enough

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I like my Huel like I like my women…there ya go…I lasted a whole year and more.