Flavour Discovery!

Hi everyone; today I mixed 2 scoops of Salted Caramel (Black Edition) with 1 scoop of Vanilla (Black Edition) and the taste was AMAZING - (better than either on their own)


Oooo nice, does it reduce down the sweetness a little?


It seems to strike the perfect balance - and is very approachable / acceptable in a way the flavours (individually) - don’t seem be completely; my flavour acceptability has gone from 90% of each to practically the whole way with this combo - to irradicate any questionability of taste - is really great

I’ve started using Huel only a few weeks ago, I’ve got salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla and oat (“standard” version). I like to mix two scoops of salted caramel / chocolate / vanilla with one of oat and something around 600 ml of water.

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