The Holy Grail-Salted Caramel

Back in the day, When I tried vanilla I was hooked, then I decided to try 1 bag of banana in my order… And ended up ditching vanilla and ordering only banana…

Banana was amazing and I thought nothing could beat it until I ordered just one bag of salted caramel to try… Now im only gonna order salted caramel from now onwards and maybe the odd banana … Absolutely gorgeous …

Never stop this flavour… Please… Hits the spot oh so good

P. S… I’m on black version


It’s even better mixed with chocolate

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I totally agree. Salted caramel tops my list too, followed closely by banana and then coffee caramel.

I am always nervous when I see salted caramel which seems to be everywhere these days. I always find they start off nice enough and than quickly get sickly due to how sweet they are.

Would be nice if huel did a tester kit. (I know they do one to add flavour but I guess you need to have neutral)

I have tried the salted caramel Black and I concurr.

I am so excited to try the salted caramel and banana in my next order!

It’s a culinary orgasm…make sure u hav it cold

I don’t have any Salted Caramel at home, but had to go into the office yesterday, which was lovely, not least because I could have lunch (and later a 2nd lunch) of Salted Caramel Black Edition - it was soooo good!

I can totally see what you mean. I would definitely mix it up with Vanilla, it is really decadent!

I like the coffee salted caramel one too! I love the salted caramel, its better than the coffee one but it does go nicely half and half with each other and a shot of espresso.

I have to agree. I’ve tried both the black banana and salted caramels and while banana is nice, the salted caramel is amazing.

I like that the flavour of either isn’t overpowering, it’s there enough but it doesn’t taste like it’s just packed with sweeteners and flavourings.

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I bought the Black Edition bags a couple of weeks ago, to try out, and I liked them. I agree with the other posts, salted caramel and salted coffee are really nice tasting. I’ve just ordered five bags so I can try the other flavours too.

Today I prepped BE Salted Caramel with 250ml of this chocolate coconut almond milk, 250ml water, and a fresh banana. Essentially it was perfect and I could have this every day.


I agree, I mix some cacao with mine

You guys really like it? I had hoped to come here and find I wasn’t the only one, but after being recommended new flavourings by Huel twice now, (I would go to check-out and they’ve already added a different flavor + Vanilla to convince me) but I just can’t enjoy it at all.

My Vanilla is about to run out and i’m devastated as Salted Caramel is so over the top (imo) that I think i’ll end up eating less overall just to avoid the flavour. I tried more water too but the strength literally did not change whereas it can tweak the Vanilla flavour.

Think i’ll just stick with Vanilla forever now… Too risky.

The first time I tried it, I found it too sweet. I’ve found adding a milk as well as water helps. Maybe my taste buds have adjusted, but maybe it’s because I blend in a banana almost every time I make it. You could also try adding instant coffee.

Have you tried 50/50 Salted Caramel and Vanilla, so a scoop of each? Not sure if that would work as I’m not sure how sweet Vanilla is. Also, I haven’t tried White SC, only Black, so my comments are about that!

I did try one scoop each! Still almost zero change to my taste profile. I also tried the milk method but it ended up tasting even more sweet!

My next try will be Oat Milk I reckon, anything to make it a bit more neutral.

I love the banana idea too, might steal that one.

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I had to drop salted caramel down to 20 grams + 70 g of chocolate / other flavour to clam salted down enough to taste anything else with it.

I’ve got a bag of Unsweetened&Unflavoured just to be able to “mellow out” the sweetness now and then.
Can’t help you with mixing proportions though, as they depend on what I’m mixing the U/U with, and my “general mood of the day”.

you will find that if you let it stand in the refrigerator after mixing, the flavours and sweetness will also mellow and subside considerably.

i try all new flavours, and the name of the flavour doesn’t necessarily mean it tastes like that, but damn caramel really does taste like caramel.

then i remembered i dont like caramel, never did. i asked myself why i even bought it… oh well. finished the bag anyway lmao

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