Advantages of Huel Granola over Normal Huel

I bought my Huel a while ago, but only just got around to using it. I’ve been on 2-3 Huel powder meals per day, but have started to notice times where I need things like the Huel Bars. On that thought, I was wondering if there are any advantages of using Huel Granola as a breakfast meal rather than simply using Huel?

One thing I don’t understand about Granola is that, even after adjusting for the reduced calories of 1 “meal”, a 3 meal per day, 350-400 calorie meals, would actually be much cheaper than just buying Huel Powder. Would there be adverse effects from trying this out, rather than powder, just as an experiment?

Bad sides: unpleasant gas. Less water intake. Higher sugar levels. Maybe a little low intake of nutrients because…

Positives: you feel full almost as soon as you start eating. Seriously, it’s pretty delicious and I found that with milk (I use rice milk) I would feel ‘done’ after five spoon fulls. Almost like it gives your brain the chemical that says ‘full’, even though I know I am not physically full…I feel finished. Strange. I thought I’d go through a third/quarter of a box per breakfast, which would be expensive and gassy. But the 60g serving is honestly fine and lasts surprisingly long.

To get the nutrition (without the balance provided by the powder) you would have to have quite a lot of cereal. Based on how it fills me, I don’t know if I could have it that much. Maybe have it 1-2 meals a day/ 1 meal and a snack.

The Granola, calorie for calorie is more cost effective than the Powder but we feel it is inline with other Granolas on the market. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects, so probably best not to swap out Huel Powder for Granola entirely. Great that you’re finding the Granola to fill you up loads, my breakfast this morning was very enjoyable!

Girlfriend notes that she can exercise immediately after consuming liquid Huel, something she just can’t do after a solid meal. Granola almost certainly won’t work on that count if you’re (say) running in to the office, or need to get some food in you before you exercise.

Nutritionally its higher in protein and lower in fat and provides more calories per portion than many other granola’s. It add variety to the Huel range; I’m not a vegan but use Huel to supplement a healthier diet so I use natural yogurt, milk and also add fruits, seeds, almonds and raisins. I

Am I the only one who puts them together?

Sometimes I get sick of all the liquid and just wanna chew something. So I make a 1 scoop Shake with 30gr. Granola in it as a snack. Best of both worlds :blush:


I love that! I think it was @hunzas who mentioned this a while ago and I still haven’t done it. You both are mavericks.

We love that!