75% Granola 25% Bars

I have previously been on 100% Huel Powder which I found hard to stick to. For the last month I have been on about 75% Granola and 25% Bars which I find far better. Something to actually chew and variation.

The equates to roughly 2 Bars per day. 9.6 stone (18% body fat)

QUESTION: Is Granola significantly different to Huel powder and what are the limitation?

My goal is to reduce my body fat and improve general health.

I have not experienced any laxative effect. Perhaps even the opposite.

Greateful for clarification.

BTW - Granola is a totally amazing product.


That’s brilliant. Interested to hear the answer myself, I love the granola and don’t experience any unwanted side effects from it x

omg I forgot about that laxative warning lol! I jsut had 2 bowls of it!

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So are you on 100% Huel (75:25 Granola:Bars)? Or of the Huel you eat in the day 75% is Granola etc? Surprised you haven’t had a laxative effect, but that’s great. The Granola does have slightly different macro- and micronutrient profile to the powder. Due to the technical nature of making Granola and the relative simplicity (@James please don’t hit me!) of making Powder, naturally the Powder will always have a superior nutritional profile. The main differences at a slightly lower fat content and higher sugar content in the Granola. The micronutrient content varies on whether it is lower or higher between the two products, but largely they are very similar.

Hope that helps!


RotFL. Let me guess… It’'s been suggested to James that his product must be easy to make as it just involves grinding stuff up together? Maybe this has been said more than once or twice to him? :rofl:

Is this the best way to wind him up by any chance?


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