Living on Huel granola


I’ve been eating huel granola for one day now. I use it for two meals - breakfast and dinner(each meal is around 100~ gram).

I don’t seem to suffer any laxative effects so far :slight_smile: - so the question is, can you use the granola to replace all meals during the day, like with the shakes? if it does not lead to any stomach upset or laxative effects.

Thanks !

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It is marketed a nutritionally complete product, so I guess to be awarded that status the answer is yes.

It is higher in carbs and fibre and a little lower fat and protein per 2,000 calories, than the powder, I think to make it cluster and so the actual nutritional profile and ingredients are different.

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I love the Granola! It would make my day to live on it lol I dont have laxative effects from it either :smiley:

Yes you can live on it.
Note however, macros and micros will be different from the powder.

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Let’s face it plenty of people are healthy (at least from the outside) on far worse diets than Huel granola.

Many years ago I read an article by one of the scriptwriters who wrote Alas Smith and Jones with Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones. His diet consisted of only 3 things: brazil nuts, coconuts and oranges. He claimed to be healthy.

This was an interesting film/book…check it out:

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Can you please share your thoughts :slight_smile:

Best ping @JamesCollier or @RebeccaOfficialHuel as they are the nutritionists :slight_smile:

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A few grams of granola in a Huel shake, that’s where it’s at :wink:

Yep :slight_smile: sorry. New around, just starting to learn the names…thanks!

Hi @rorax

Glad to hear you’re loving the granola!

As @hunzas has expertly said (thanks for making our job easy!), yes you can replace all meals during the day with granola. Huel Granola is a nutritionally complete food and provides an optimum balance of carbs, fats and proteins AND has all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. This is based on a 2000 calorie Huel diet.

Having said that, the sugars in Huel Granola are a little high, so just bear this in mind if you plan to live solely off the granola. You can always mix & match with Huel powder.

If you’re having 100g for breakfast & dinner this equates to 712kcals. So if you want to get all your nutrition from Huel, you’ll have to up your intake.

Hope that helps!


Many thanks for the answer @RebeccaOfficialHuel :slight_smile:

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