Huel Granola Question

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but while I’ve seen a couple people asking about this I’m not entirely clear still.

If I wanted to, could I eat nothing but the huel granola stuff on its own with water/milk as i could with the powder? Also, how many grams is a serving? It says how many calories are in several servings on the page for it but I’d like to get a better idea of how much this will cost each day.

Hi there, good question and for the sake of clarity will answer candidly here:

  1. Yes, 2000kcal contains at least 100% of your RI of all micronutrients as well as a good balance of macronutrients
    1b) Don’t eat 2000kcal of Granola as it will cause laxative effects

  2. 60g = 1 serving

  3. Each pouch contains 7 x 60g servings
    3b) That’s 68p per serving

Hope that helps!


Thanks, how many calories are in one serving?

214kcal. It occurs to me you may not have found our Nutritional Information page for Granola. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks, sorry about that wasnt sure where to find it :slight_smile:

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would say 120g of granola be classed as excessive and cause a laxative effect? I would like to eat more calories and that is closer to how much I would usually pour into a cerial bowl. If you don’t reply I will probably find out soon enough, expecting a delivery today

When I eat Granola I usually have 100g and it doesn’t cause any issues really.

good because i just ate 100g and i’m about to go for a long walk… wish me luck
Out of interest… what causes the laxative effect I see no sweetener on the box, is it the chicory root?
I like it by the way, but I think i need milk with it not yogurt… needs something to soak in I think

Hope your long walk didn’t finish with the runs… :stuck_out_tongue: