Huel Granola - Nutritionally Complete Cereal

I’ve surprised myself by how excited I am about this as a product, spotted it on Reddit and got my order straight in for a box of each.

Surprised there was no email or anything about it.

Looking at the video… I’ll eat a bowl ‘plain’ to work out what I think, but I reckon I’ll be adding goji berries and raisins to it if it’s going to be my go to breakfast.


Lol, that explains a lot. It might have been nice to warn us.

I wanted to change my rarely used subscription to the new vanilla. Not possible, despite directions & good little me assuming I was the one screwing up following them. In the end I came to the same conclusion & cancelled my sub.

What you don’t mention is that one can only create a new sub at the time one wants to place an order. I just wanted to make sure I’d get a reminder in a month or two to get back on Huel & if I accidentally missed this & an order shipped that I’d get the right version.

Never mind. I’m not a typical customer as my mental health results in more sporadic ordering.

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Hey Darren, sorry to step on Liv’s toes. Creating a subscription is the same as placing an order, so the moment you place your subscription order your Huel will be processed and shipped accordingly – you can’t make a subscription in advance.

So I would recommend creating your subscription at the end of the month when you are ready for it! Does that make sense?

Tim, thanks, that makes perfect sense.

“…can be enjoyed anytime of day with your favourite milk – like oat, rice or almond…”

Hey, I think you might have forgotten about one other type of popular milk there… It’s called ‘milk’ milk. I’ll find a link…

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As in dairy? I thought the same…

There’s a strong vegan bias here. I completely get it, but it comes across very obnoxious at times to a non vegan Hueler…

There’s no vegan bias, it’s simply a case that if we mentioned an animal-derived product on our pack it wouldn’t look right. I chose that wording carefully!


Why not? I don’t understand the need to cater to only the vocal minority. It’s almost like there’s a stigma around consuming meat and dairy here.

I appreciate you yourself have no bias, but the overall vibe of the brand and this forum leans towards vegan only.

I myself put down 2000cals of Huel every day plus the same in whole milk and chicken breasts. I’m sure there’s a lot of people here who don’t support that but it’s just the way some people use the product.

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I am not vegan either, however I expect that the offence you take to the marketing is lesser than the suffering of cattle.


We’re not catering for the vocal minority in any way! vegans don’t consume animal products; most meat-eaters also consume plant products. I’m sorry you feel there’s almost a stigma around consuming meat and dairy here - I hope you didn’t get that from us omitting the word ‘cow’s’ on the serving suggestion!

Neither Julian or me are vegans. We both consume Huel regularly.

Sorry, I don’t see the issue.


Huel is a vegan recipe, it’d seem odd to recommend a none vegan accompaniment on the pack.


The flavours listed are original and berry - is original the same as huel original 2.3 or is it formulated specifically for the granola?

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Great question I would also like to know the answer to that. And follow up question, is the granola just Huel in a different form and if not, in what ways is it different from the powder?

Hi @elpemmy - the flavour is different - we use a flavour to compliment the other ingredients in Huel Granola which are different to huel powder. It’s still great though!

@RyanT - there are similar ingredients, but Granola is quite different to get the clumps, plus it has seeds.


Are the social media guys vegan? There’s a heavy vegan lean on those posts too.

I’m not having a go here, I just think there’s a point where people start to see less “Nutritionally complete fitness fuel” (as I see it) and end up seeing “In your face vegan nonsense”.

A few of my friends have seen Huel on social media and ended up saying to me “But it seems like they’re aiming that only for vegans, I’m not vegan”.

What I guess I’m trying to get at is, if there was less emphasis on veganism and more emphasis on Huel being a fitness fuel to smash the perfect macro composition, you guys could perhaps break into the notoriously lucrative fitness market.

I’m sorry if you disagree, but I think this is a very valid point. Combined with an intense 5/3/1 training regime, Huel has helped me become a real lean lifting machine. I’ll post about this separately in a couple of months, as I guess I’m going away from OP’s Granola topic…

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Is there any feedback on taste yet? I’ve just ordered 2 bags of each as trying to get fit again after a lazy winter. :grinning:

Hi @GTIPuG - much of the SM stuff is @Tim_Huel posting - he’s not a vegan.

I’d be very suporsed if not putting the word ‘cow’s’ on the serving suggestion was perceived by many as “In your face vegan nonsense”. But thanks for your feedback.

Re the fitness market - although Huel is perfect for fitness, sports and muscle building, that market is not our primary target; it’s highly competative and we want to avoid people’s perception of Huel being a product only for those who workout. I guess, for the very reason you’re referring to regarding vegans.

Really appreciate the feedback though and glad Huel’s working well for you.


Had my first bowl today of the ‘original’ flavour but didn’t like the taste - added a teaspoon of strawberry flavour system and was able to enjoy it to the last spoonful. Guess that’s what I’ll be doing from now on :slight_smile:


I do not think Huel is a pushing a pro-vegan message. Huel products are vegan, full stop. If you are a vegan, great, you can eat these without issue. If you are not a vegan, great, you can also eat these without issue. How a product can be “aimed” at vegans makes no sense at all.


I absolutely love the Huel berry granola! Add a banana and almond milk to 60g of the granola and it’s awesome. Keeps me full until lunch and it keeps my sugar levels stable, which other cereals and porridge do not! Will definitely be having every morning! (Also lost 3.5lbs in the first week of using it… wooooo) :smile: