Huel granola

Hello I’m relatively new to Huel currently on week 7. So far I have been very impressed I have managed to lose over a stone in weight.
Currently I am eating the granola at 10am, a shake at lunch maybe a bar at 3 (if I’m feeling peckish and a healthy meal in the evenings. All this accompanied with regular exercise.

My question is weather anyone knows of a good substitute for the granola considering Huel have stopped this product.


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I am preparing a homemade granola after the announcement, this is the recipe I am planning when I run out of granola

Porridge breakfast

250ml water
50ml milk
50gr whole Oats
5 gr of sunflower seeds
5 gr of toasted sesame (Needs to be grounded before)
5 gr of pumpkin seeds
1 tea spoon non alkalinised pure cocoa
5 gr of flaxseeds (probably ground)
1 Pinch of Salt


Thanks looks good I will try and and give it a go