Berry Granola


When will it be back in stock?


Looks like it’s back in stock now, but it was AWOL for about a week, as I wasn’t able to add it to my first subscription order last Tuesday.

Maybe @Julian, @TimOfficialHuel or @OliviaOfficialHuel can confirm they’ve got significant quantities in stock to not run out again for a while, if at all.


The goal is always to not run out! But sometimes we get spikes when everyone goes Granola mad. Will double check stock levels with the team though. Sorry for the inconvenience, can’t wait for you to get your hands on the Granola!


No worries, thanks Tim. I’ve added both flavours to my next sub delivery, so looking forward to trying them out.


Just received 4 boxes today. Should keep me going for a little while. I could live off the stuff!