Unwanted Granola on offer!

I’ve got a box of the granola going spare if anyone wants it? It’s the original flavour and the foil inner is unopened (the cardboard box itself is). It expires at the end of July.

Got it at the same time as a box of berry and really wasn’t a fan of either, however the berry was opened around a month ago so is past its BBE.

Don’t want any money for it if you’re happy to cover postage! Give me a shout!

How much to post to Surrey ?
May be willing to give it a try :thinking:

Hey! I looove the granola so I’d like it :slight_smile: (don’t mind taking the berry off you too) will drop you a PM!

In all cases, you’re looking at about £4 for 1st class Royal Mail!

Happy if you guys want to split it? And I’ll send you the plain @Dln1965 and you the berry, @jeffy89? When I say it’s opened, I probably tried a spoonful!

Would be interested in both for the £4 postage … if you could do it ??
PS second class would be fine … if it’s cheaper :wink:

You are so King Soloman.

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No worries, @Dln1965 can have it since it’s probably more economical that way! :slight_smile:


THANKYOU Chris :kissing_heart:
If you are around London sometime we could share a bowl ??

Hehe no problem!

ACTUALLY…that’s a great idea—just a random thought I’m throwing out there: what say you we organise a chill Huel meet-up in London? I’ll be there around 22-25/6 :slight_smile: Like a Dinner, but drinking Huel together and chatting :joy:

(Sorry OP for deviating from your original post)

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lol ill fly in from sweden at some point for that lmao