FREE unopened berry bag expiring 11/19

Hi All,

As per above I have a berry bag that I would be happy for someone to take off my hands. I am based in London for those who want to pick it up and would be happy to post it to any one who would be prefer that as well as I would hate for it to go to waste.

Many thanks.

I’d be interested. Where abouts are you, I’m in Uxbridge myself. Otherwise how much would you charge for postage for the bag?

Many thanks,


Based in the north but can meet at Wembley? With regards to postage it’s about £4 but that’s second class with Royal mail. If you can find cheaper I can send with that instead.

@David is our resident Berry flavour champion he will take it

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David declined the offer already in a previous post.

How kind of him he loves berry so much and yet he’s willing to let someone have it. I have a feeling he’s behind brexit as well he loves that so much he never wants it to end

Hi Carole,

I am assuming that you no longer require the bag as there has been no reply?

I have had another request for the bag. I will wait for your reply until tomorrow as the expiry date is getting much closer.

That’s not like you @David aren’t you feeling well? Usually you snap up the Berry just in case Huel sells out of the popular flavour

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