Berry Granola giveaway - Cambridgeshire/Peterborough UK

Morning all,

So I tried the granola for the first time today, and couldn’t finish the bowl unfortunately! Such an unpleasant taste to me.

So I’ve got one unopened box of Berry Granola to giveaway, and if anyone wants the just opened box (that is 90g short of being full) they’re welcome to it.

I’m half way between Cambridge and Peterborough in the UK if anyone is swinging by that way anytime soon.

Hey! I’m in Cambridge and would love your granola :slight_smile: Do you happen to go to the city centre?

Hi, I am in Cambridge as well and can travel anywhere within reasonable reach by bike. If you still have your granola, I would be delighted to have it :slight_smile:

I pop into town occasionally, I actually live in Huntingdon.
I’ll let you know next time I’m likely to be in town if you like?


Is the granola still available? I live in Huntingdon so can collect it one evening.

Thanks Steve