A fond farewell to Granola

Sorry to hear this and would love to help you out. I too would have loved for Granola to keep going but as we’ve said it just got to the point where it didn’t make economical sense to continue it.

The sizing of our RTD was based on feedback from consumers that 500kcal Powder meal serving suggest was too large. So we made our RTD 400kcal and later change the powder serving suggestion. Sorry that’s not right for you, but that’s the benefit of the Powder, you can have as much or as little as you like - I’m sure you can appreciate that when it comes to deciding the size we can’t please everyone. Either we make something too small it doesn’t fill people up, or we make something bigger, it’s too expensive and most can’t afford it. We think we have hit a balance.

I’m not sure I understand this question, sorry could you explain?

We’re always working on new ideas to make Huel appeal to a wider audience. I would highly recommend giving the Powder another go, it feels like it would solve your problems. What is it you don’t like?

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@Tim_Huel @xenonp is asking when the RTD supply to the UK will go back to the US version and not the EU version.

Thanks, Tim, and as always, good to hear from you. I hope you don’t take my feedback as negativity, I’m just always trying to be as critical as possible because I think that’s the most useful.

With the RTD, a few months ago you said you’d switched to an EU supplier to cope with the demand. A few people have said it just doesn’t taste as good. Do you have any ideas when you’ll be back with the US manufacturer?

Personally, even after a month solely on Huel with a similar calorie intake to what I was normally eating, I was just left constantly hungry. I’m not sure if it was to do with my stomach clearing rate, but even drinking slowly, along with plenty of water
(if there wasn’t enough already!) I was never feeling satisfied and within an hour, I’d be feeling the same as I’d feel after five or six hours of a “real meal”.

Granola changed that for me. I enjoyed the process of chewing and it felt more satisfying than drinking and it really did fill me up for as long as I’d expect from the equivalent calorie intake. I had it everyday for two months, along with Oatly instead
of water or milk, and I’d never felt healthier or happier.

I totally understand the business reasons take priority, but such a shame! I hope there will be more real food “equivalents” soon.


Yes, agree. Granola with Oatly Barista is divine!

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Totally agree. Also the 400kcal for an entire bottle… Its a very small meal. I cant count on that bottle as a “lifehack” or butt saver.

Right now the powder is the only product that I will buy

I’ve just been waiting patiently for Huel Granola to come to the US and now it’s being discontinued :frowning:

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Agreed. I really (really) liked the granola but the price for the volume just didn’t make it a sensible purchase.

More than any other Huel product; Granola belonged in Sainsburys - it was a great onboarding product but next to other cereals the price would have looked even more insane.

I understand why it cost what it did, but that immediately meant it wasn’t a serious breakfast option for me.


Hello James, as I have only 3 Huel Granola boxes I am configuring what my next standard breakfast will be and I want to ask you what do you think nutritionally of this mix (maybe there is too much of a vitamin and could be dangerous over time for example or you have any suggestion).

Porridge breakfast

250ml water
50ml milk
50gr whole Oats
5 gr of sunflower seeds
5 gr of raw sesame
5 gr of pumpkin seeds
1 tea spoon non alkalinised pure cocoa
5 gr of flaxseeds (probably ground)
1 Pinch of Salt

I mention in case he can help @Dan_Huel

Thanks in advance

Hi @airiartev
It looks great (though I’d leave the salt out). I can’t comment on all the individual micronutrient amounts as I haven’t looked at it in detail, but there’s certainly not too much of any nutrient.

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I will try soon. I would love to have a metal/plastic Huel granola box to fill my homemade granola mix inside

Hello James, I will try to prepare my first big batch today (10-15meals), I wanted to ask you which elements do you recommend to grind or semigrind looking for a better absorption but also trying to reduce the oxidation of the ingredients?

Ingredients to prepare the mix for 1 serving
50gr whole Oats
5 gr of sunflower seeds
5 gr of raw sesame
5 gr of pumpkin seeds
1 tea spoon non alkalinised pure cocoa
5 gr of flaxseeds (probably ground?)

In case @Dan_Huel is interested

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Hi @airiartev

It won’t make much of a difference as long as it’s stored well for most ingredients. Store in a sealed container in the dark.

Let us know how it goes!

There is a company called queal that offers exactly what you want. They just call it different.

I only use and used shakes but I saw it on their homepage (the shakes have some advantages, especially the lower price and better packaging, that’s how I found it…)

there is a little price advantage in mainland Europe but how is the packaging better? they use the same kind type of multi layer bags but much smaller (only 3 meals per bag) so isn’t that actually more wasteful?

I meant the packaging was better for the shakes (I am only interested in shakes) because the bags are not as big, which can be an advantage when travelling…

so did I - they may be more convenient for travel but create a whole lot more un-recyclable waste if you are a regular user - the increased manufacturing cost of this combined with the cheaper retail price would also make me question the quality of the raw ingredients they use to get to that price point.


For me the most important “quality factor” are the micronutrients, that is vitamins and minerals. And there are always from “articifial sources”, and not very expensive in production.

If you take into account how little waste is generated by any type of meal replacement powder if you compare it to other food or drinks then even the single-use packaging the environmental impact is still quite low - this is even more striking when you compare it to the way our society produces, lives and consumes…just think about certain industries like healthcare, where every small article has multiple layers of plastic around it…

It was not my intention to discuss the packaging, though. I had the impression that some people here did miss a certain product, and I remembered having seen it in another context - so I made a suggestion, hoping that it might help some users here…

Update after some trials it seems I have found some equilibrium point @JamesCollier

My homemade alternative to Huel granola

1º step
40 gr of flaxseeds (grounded first with the sesame and chia)
40 gr of roasted sesame (it maximizes the protein absorption)
*30 gr of chia seeds *
40 gr of sunflower seeds (add last with the pumpink seeds and grind)
*40 gr of pumpkin seeds *
650gr whole Oats (just 5-8 seconds of separately grind)

Mix everything in a single box

Photos: 1º Seeds 2º Grounded oats 3º The mix

Photos of trials:
Error 1: Grinding all seeds from the beginning (most of the flaxseeds and sesame doesnt even grind)

Error 2: If you mix everything at the same time it creates a very thick paste that feels like a compressed Huel. The taste is good but it doesnt mix well with water or milk


Do you add any thing to sweeten it?

Nothing, I just add 2 table spoons to a 50% mix of water and milk, and add some pure cocoa and a espresso. I guess its like 300kcal aprox