A fond farewell to Granola

How much milk tho? That can add a lot of calories as you know.

like 100ml of whole milk and 100ml of water + espresso

PS. At some point I felt like Julian or James creating the mix


Well that’s like an extra 50 calories or so right there anyway.

Good idea tho but honestly I just think oats for breakfast if I’m desperately trying to kill calories but half the time I find I am trying to make up enough calories despite the huel - hence why I have a minor huel bar addiction.

But it’s not an addiction. I can stop anytime I like. twitch

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Yes… same problem here… sometimes I eat less than I need and have to force myself. I think that is because what I eat its too healthy so I dont eat too much of anything.

Sometimes I even add oats to my 2 eggs omelette to have more calories

Lol look at us eh, it’s funny when you think that all we are doing is trying to eat properly within an obesity epidemic yet most will look at our food intake and either consider it utterly bonkers.

No folks, it’s not bonkers, it’s proper, nutritionally complete food. Put down the turkey drummer!

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Looks good. Was it nice?

Yep… its so difficult to eat properly if you are not interested in nutrition… Going to a supermarket is like going to war… almost half of it is focused towards a bad diet. Most of the people dont know the basics of food and nutrition.

Having rewards, sweets and so on its also important, I even consider a part of a healthy diet for the body and mind, to have occasionally an ice cream, some chips or whatever, if not, life would be too boring…

It was, the one of today was the third version and it looks very good as an alternative.

By the way James, great video of today on IG.

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Hello @Dan_Huel I am still tweaking my recipe, I just discovered that sunflower seeds are incredible for energy intake and nutrients, but I wonder if they are too good to be true.

My concern is if adding a higher proportion into my diet or the granola recipe could be harmful for its selenium or Vitamin E content.

Is there any other great and cheap food to add to my granola or diet?

Just cracked open my last box of Granola and it’s started to go a little on soft side (probably because its well past its BBE Date :grinning:) so its final swan song will have to be as component of my porridge breakfasts - sad times.


RIP Granola. Forever in our hearts.

I would love this to be reconsidered at some point, perhaps with a greater focus on marketing? Perhaps you could get the community of Hueligans involved for ideas? @Julian @JamesCollier

I love Huel! I use it for everything other than my evening meal. I use Huel Black Edition for breakfast and lunch during the week, Huel Hot & Savoury for lunch on weekends, Huel Bars for lunch and post work-out and Huel Complete Protein as mid morning and afternoon snacks. I pay almost £250 a month as part of my subscription, but would be quite happy to pay a little more for the Granola too. At present I’m having to use Lizi’s High Protein Granola on a weekend to give me a change of taste and texture from the usual Black Huel I have for breakfast during the week.

Anything that would make you reconsider this decision, at all?

Thanks for the recipe @airiartev :pray:

We promised we have some really exciting products in the works for you, don’t worry! So pleased that Huel is forming such a staple part of your diet though. Will have to check out Lizi’s Granola to get my granola fix.


I still miss Huel Granola. It was my preferred breakfast for as long as it lasted. Alas, I was apparently in a minority.

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For me the problem was the lack of communication and a high price for the easiest Huel product to make it homemade.

I explained before that Granola could be the entrance product for the masses and could easily become a hit

I can see where the appeal would be. A Nutritionally Complete Granola. Sounds nice however, I feel granola is so popular and v v v easy to make A LOT for low cost at home, that I’m not convinced it would work. Perhaps why it wasn’t so popular before.

Having said that, even with an array of superfoods you can add granola to give you a wider spectrum of vits/mins, it wouldn’t compare with a complete nutrition profile. As you say @airiartev it would have to be competitively priced to match supermarket prices otherwise, a high price for a cheap home-made product isn’t appealing.

My thoughts anyhow :man_shrugging:

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I didn’t eat granola but it was an early Huel product and I think may have been victim of a bit of a chicken and an egg scenario, where the box sizes were quite small (so cost more per box) and it wasn’t marketed as much as RTD for example so it meant it didn’t reach as much of a wider audience. Had it of been much more popular the boxes could have been much bigger and the price per portion much lower.

I don’t think they’d quite nailed the taste/texture either at the time of it being culled. I’m not really a cereal eater either but I liked it - not enough to buy it, and a bigger box would probably get wasted by me.

This. Distinguishing huel granola in a crowded space at a high end price point is expensive. Cost per customer would be insanely high

As an additional nutritionally complete alternative product for dedicated hueligans, easier to market to.

I didn’t mind paying the extra, it wasn’t a daily thing for me to eat. It satisfied the need to chew with complete nutrition.