I’m lost. Price, black vs V3, bars

Hi everyone.
I’ve been using Huel for 6 weeks, and I don’t know if I should continue.

I firstly tried powder V3, the only taste I liked is chocolate, and I really liked it. (I mix it with tepid water)

Than I tried Black (chocolate) and the bars (chocolate and peanut). I less liked black. I loved the bars.

So what’s the problem ?
I could use powder v3 without being bored, but it is more complicated with black. I don’t know why, but It doesn’t feel as good.
The bars taste great but TOO expensive for only 200 calories. I would have loved more calories in a bar and less sugar (15g sugar/100g)…

I do a lot of sport.
At least 5 times a week, CrossFit, windsurf and tennis. So I do need proteins.

What should I do ?
Try an other brand ? If yes, which one?

Should I go back to powder V3 chocolate ? Should I stop eating bars as they are too sweat ?

Thanks in advance for your response.

I’m afraid there is only one person who can decide on this @YoussefB and that is you. All anyone else can say is what they like or dislike or what they think. Bottom line is, they are not you.


What are you comparing the bars against to decide they are too expensive?

Previous versions of the Huel bar did use less sugar but people complained the bars simply didn’t taste very good and it doesn’t really matter how healthy they were if people didn’t want to eat them.

Having been buying the bars since version 1 the current bar is by far the best from a taste and mass appeal perspective.

If you like V3 chocolate, then you could stick with that. An option is V3 original, adding your own flavours (lots of suggestions on the forum).

I haven’t tried BE Chocolate, but apparently there was a change and people were split on the newer version. I’ve only tried Coffee Caramel BE and I really like it. As @Bee said though, everyone has different opinions on what they like/dislike.

Hey Youssef! I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to continue? You have tried a few different varieties, you really liked v3.0 Chocolate. So surely the solution is to continue having this when it suits you? Sorry if I’m missing something here, but you don’t have to like everything we offer to have a benefit from Huel! It’s all about what works for you. I’m not a big fan of Berry flavour v3.0, so I just don’t have it.

So glad you love the Bars. The simple thing is they are just more expensive to make and very difficult to make with less sugar. Other bars often get around this by using ingredients like maltitol which are polyols not sugars. But these have a laxative effect, and the nature with which people consume Huel (more frequently) is likely one of the reasons the NPD team haven’t used them.

I would agree though with what others have said. The bars aren’t expensive compared to many in the same space. In Sainsbury’s our Bars are £1.60, but Grenade Carb-killa bars are £2.60. Granted they have more protein in and aren’t really a direct comparison, but just to give some context.

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Thanks for the advices.

Actually I tried V3 original with the flavor samples but didn’t like them at all. (Felt too artificial for me, and it didn’t taste as announced. Maybe because I had covid and lost the taste few months ago and didn’t get it back totally).

For sure I could go for V3 chocolate, but eating only 1 same think every day every meal, it’s complicated…
And I don’t think that it will give me enough proteines as I do a lot of sport.
That’s the issue.

When I say that the bars are expensive and too sweet, I mean it as the complete perfect diet. If I take 1 bar per day it should be okay and not very expensive in result for a day. But if I start eating 5 bars a day, I don’t think that we can still talk about a healthy diet, and it will coast a lot as the end of the day…

I think I’ll have to go back to normal diet, using V3 chocolate for 1 meal per day. Even if I really like the concept, for me, there is a limit using HUEL. Maybe I’ll try hot and savory, but it is quite expensive. For the same price and same time I can buy a classic microwave meal; and some of them are great.


The bars are not intended to be used like that. They are intended to be a snack; an alternative for the chocolate bar or the bag of crisps etc.

Looking at price of each product in the uk per 200 kcal, assuming a minimum order on subscription, it works out as below.

Huel Bars: 200 kcal = 130p
Huel Black: 200 kcal = 73.5p
Huel H&S: 200 kcal = 117.5p
Huel White: 200 kcal = 66p
Huel RTD: 200 kcal = 125.5p

Although Huel Bars are the most expensive per 200 calories, it’s also largely inline with Huels other non-powdered foods. e.g. H&S and RTD.

My assumption would be that these other products are not huels largest sellers, or for that matter what there known for, and correct me if i’m wrong, you would therefore expect a higher price.

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Thanks for the added context, Youssef! My opinion is that you are taking the concept of Huel to an extreme

Neither of these approaches are how we intend people to have Huel. Some do, for sure, and if that works for them then great and they won’t be missing out on any nutrients. However it sounds like this wouldn’t work for you, so why try to make it work when the idea of Huel is to replace your most inconvenient meals. I have Huel breakfast and lunch during the week, a traditional meal in the evening and at the weekends - in general.

To reiterate, I think you have misinterpreted the concept and actually Huel is way more flexible than you have perceived!

Perhaps, do check the calories though. I’ve just looked at a few cheap microwave meals that are less than £2.60 (the maximum price of H&S per 400kcal meal) and many of them are <300kcal. So fairly small and not a like-for-like comparison.

Either way, listen to your body and do what’s right for you! Hopefully some of this has been useful


Several of the flavour boosts go well with chocolate flavour. You could try to vary your chocolate with them or add coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, gingerbread spices, fruits etc. to it.

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Back from hell.

Hi everyone.
First, thank you all for your advices on how to use Huel.

I was looking for the perfect diet solution but my expectations were too high. It looks like I misunderstood the concept.

After not being. Fully satisfied by Huel, I went and tried JimmyJoy, Soylent, Feed, Herbalife.

I’ll make it quick. Huel is the best by far. The value for money is the best. Taste is from the bests as well.

I’m back to Huel :ok_hand:t4:

(For those who tried JimmyJoy. Could you eat/drink it ? I had to throw the bars and powders, impossible to eat them, and I’m not difficult with regard of food taste.)


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Hey Youssef, I’m so pleased to hear from you. I also think it takes a lot to admit this :point_up: and think it’s pretty cool you’ve come back to Huel and said this. Thanks, it means a lot and I’m so pleased that in your opinion Huel was the pick of the bunch. It’s great to have you back!