Complete Protein - Version Change

will be due to price I assume

Would also prefer natural sweetener

Then you could use unflavoured/unsweetened with for example steviol-based flavour drops.

there isn’t an unsweetened version.

The minimum shelf life of available stock in the UK is 30/04/24, worth noting this is only for products we have in stock :slightly_smiling_face:

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How else are they going to get clicks? Hysteria sells.

So you’d sacrifice nutritional quality and vegan status for cost?

Vegan status is non-negotiable. The nutrition/cost thing is a trade-off or balancing act which Huel seems to me to be getting right on. Very glad about that.

Making a good product is one thing, whilst making a good product that enough people can actually afford to buy… hey, suddenly you’re in business! - & that’s why affordability is always number one.

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But doesn’t your own post say affordability is not number one, rather value for money?

MyProtein is more affordable, but it’s an inferior product.

I don’t think so…

like a broken record. :rofl:

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I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one guys!

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“Improved flavour”. Uh oh - I’ve heard this one before. Like when they made some of the previously nice flavour packs into disgusting flavours - looking at you mocha….

Had my new bags of CP roll in yesterday. Haven’t tried salted caramel yet, but can’t say I’m a fan of the chocolate. I think it’s gone from being deliciously fudgy to “Tesco value chocolate ice cream”.

Really hoping salted caramel is as good as V1!


Yikes not looking forward to that.

That reminds me of my local “authentic” Italian restaurant. They sell Tesco value Neapolitan ice cream (as well as horrible cheap olives in brine and cheap dried pasta). I know this because I have witnessed them unloading stuff from the back of their cars. Most locals love them but the restaurant has no clue about vegan options or even what gluten free means.

But that’s off topic.



It’s all about being transparent but we have to search on this forum to know that the formula have been “simplified” and nothing is clearly explained on the e-commerce website. The price is still the same but I just received an order with these new V2.0 bag and I was somehow expecting an improvement, not a cheaper version.

The initial concept of Complete Protein was the “state of art” vegan protein, competing against whey even if you’re not vegan. Now it’s drifting to “affordable vegan protein”. It sounds like margin increase to me.

Not cool

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‘margin increase’? - perhaps ‘margin maintenance’ (given current inflation rates and no price increase).

I’m sorry you’re disappointed in the lack of change information on our website, we did make sure to email all complete protein customers to let them know about the changes breaking this down.

Our intention is to consistently provide products that are in harmony with our mission of offering affordable and sustainable nutrition. As a result, we have made the tough decision to remove certain ingredients, including probiotics. Rest assured, we have carefully considered each ingredient and its contribution to the nutritional value of our product. By removing those that didn’t significantly contribute, we were able to maintain affordability while still providing high-quality products.

As @epicure said!

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I ordred x2 2.0’s.
The chocolate was in the bag 2.0 and the banana was 1.0 in the tub.
Is there a way I can change this? I ordered specifically for the 2.0 and strange a mix came. I didn’t read i might be 1.0 or 2.0. I saw the marketing mail about try the new 2.0 and just trusted and bought :confused:

Why does it matter, if you enjoy the flavours just crack on with it?

I’m afraid we can’t change which version is sent out, as we’re sending out all v1.0 until the flavour has run out and then moving on to v2.0.

However, if you were really unhappy with receiving v1.0 for banana, then feel free to reach out to our customer experience team at to see if there is anything we can do to help.

I’m looking forward to trying the new version but wish there was one that didn’t use sucralose

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