Couldn’t resist trying out all the new stuff!

Well, despite telling myself I was going to use up all my Huel before trying the new products, I’ve just given in to my curiosity and ordered the new v3 powder (GF UU) and the new Huel Black in chocolate :grin:, and the two flavours of the new v3.1 bars that I’ve not tried yet: chocolate orange and salted caramel.

I have high hopes for the bars, as the coffee caramel and chocolate ones were seriously good!

I also have high hopes for chocolate huel black - no sucralose is an excellent move in my opinion. So I’m hoping I will like the chocolate flavour :crossed_fingers:

As for v3 UU - well as long as it still tastes as nice as v2.3 and the addition of kombucha / yeast doesn’t affect me (I’m assuming it’s a pretty small amount), then I’ll be very happy :ok_hand:t2:

The new flavour boosts I have mixed reviews on: I love the new new ones - apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, peanut butter (yes, this one is delicious, I don’t know why the rest of you can’t taste anything).
The new ‘improved’ old ones however are a bit disappointing: mocha and mint-choc for example.
I really miss cacao, caramel, pineapple coconut and matcha :cry: please bring them back!

I’m hoping the new mocha and mint-choc taste better in v3 powder… I’m assuming they were designed with this new version in mind so I’m hoping for greater success in the new powder.
I have a feeling they may work well in the huel black as it will be the reduced stevia amount of the fb plus the stevia and coconut sugar of the powder… so this combo may work well.

I’ll let you know my verdicts when all my new goodies arrive :yum:


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