I'm back and just tried the new 2.3!

I bought 1 original and 3 new and improved, I went the week with the original and it was as I remembered, but this new and improved 2.3 is amazing, at first I wasn’t sure what the flavour was, it tasted like strawberry or is it banana, but I think it was a yoghurty flavour… LOVE IT SO MUCH! Please don’t change it, this is perfect.


Agreed, it’s really very very yummy and satisfying for a quick meal. I started today; tried the vanilla shake - YUM! And a choc bar (FAB after a run!) Great that the bars are not too sweet (so many bars post exercise bars feed sugar cravings) Looking forward to trying the granola tomorrow.
I was worried Huel would taste as bad as wholefuel or Vega choc protein powder, it’s miles better. Very happy with Huel indeedy!.
Mon - Weds I don’t have time to prep food, so this is an ideal solution - thank you! 22lb Weight loss here I come!


Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! So pleased you’re loving the new powder as much as us!