New chocolate (100g) flavour tastes different

The new 100g chocolate flavour boost tastes different from the old 150g. Now it’s half way to something like toffee? Less like chocolate, more like medicine with sweetener.

Surely this reduction in quality risks alienating the very basis of the business: existing customers and their willingness to advocate for it.


Yeah. It’s been ‘improved’. AKA toffee-fied.
The Huel tasters have an obsession with toffee and a very strange idea of what chocolate tastes like.
The old chocolate and old cacao boosts were great. The new chocolate boost is yuk, and the chocolate premix tastes like biscuits.
The latest chocolate bars however are awesome.


Pleased to say it turns out that Huel Black Edition chocolate flavour tastes great to me, and even Black Edition vanilla is not too bad.


Black edition chocolate is great!


I agree. Black Edition chocolate is great!
Anyone tried v3 Chocolate premix?
Is it different / better then v2.3?

I thought if someone that would be you. Can´t trust anybody else with chocolate issues.



This is true!

But I ordered v3 and it never arrived. My order just disappeared into thin air. That was on 31st December!
I’ve got quite a lot of v2.3 and Black Edition to be getting through for now though so I’ve not tried ordering again, I’m going to wait


I thought Christmas miracles were meant to be positive things

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Maybe it fell off the van into the arms of a starving orphan.


Yup, the chocolate flavour boost now tastes a lot less like chocolate :unamused: When using 2x the amount (compared to the old one) the results are still just like something that only reminds you of chocolate as opposed to tasting like chocolate.