Black Edition - 5 weeks later

It’s been 5 weeks since I switched from using the v2.3 powder to the new Black Edition.

I figure that’s a good time to share some longer-term experience, and compare the differences between the Black Edition, and my experiences with the v2.3

Let’s get started :slight_smile:

I was initially surprised by how much different the Black Edition tastes vs the v2.3. That wasn’t a bad surprise… I just didn’t expect to notice it (didn’t expect much of anything, really).
I have grown to really prefer the taste of the Black Edition to the v2.3.
The Chocolate one is particularly nice… definitely a major improvement over not only the v2.3 chocolate, but also the chocolate flavour boosts as well.

Vanilla is significantly stronger in taste than the v2.3, which might not appeal to those whom prefer a more subtle taste… however, with a third of the amount of Flavour Boost, it creates some interesting and extremely pleasant taste (particularly when using the Banana flavour boost). A little bit of the boost goes a long way with Black Edition vanilla. Start with a tiny amount, and only increase if you feel the need to.

Like many long-time Huel v2.3 consumers, I had grown accustomed to the “little bits” in a nice, thick, mixed Huel. Black Edition doesn’t really have them. At first I noticed, but I stopped noticing after the first week, and have now (having had a v2.3 yesterday just to remind myself of the differences) grown to prefer the smooth consistency of the Black Edition.

It’s personal preference, of course.

The Mix
So, those of you using the Shaker bottles will know that, if you don’t get your shake going immediately after the powder touches the water, it’s going to produce lumps (sometimes very large lumps).
I have tested, multiple times, mixing the Black Edition using the Shaker bottles… and deliberately left some delay between powder touching water, and the beginning of shaking.

I can now say definitively that the Black Edition is not as prone to lumping as v2.3. It’s a major difference, in fact, as - even leaving two whole minutes between putting the powder in and beginning to shake - I was unable to get anything more than a few small lumps to form.

Big improvement there! :+1:

The - ahem - farts
Let’s be honest… Huel v2.3 makes you fart. It makes you fart a lot. That’s not - biologically speaking - a bad thing, as farting is a natural part of a healthy digestive process.

Still, those Huel v2.3 farts smell terrible.

One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed with Black Edition is that, I far a lot less, and even when I do, it doesn’t smell nearly so bad at all.

With Black Edition, it would seem, the - ummm - force is weak!

Not exactly the kind of subject we typically talk about in here, I know, but I want to be complete with this 5 week follow up.

Weight/Mass Difference
So, before switching from v2.3 to Black Edition, I was already losing weight, and gaining some muscle mass. The weight I was losing was - for the most part - fat weight (that’s what we want to lose) with a little bit of drop in bone density (medical reasons, not dietary).

Since switching to Black Edition, my overall weight has started to stabilise nicely (still trending down, but at a more manageable rate that means I’m not buying smaller clothing every month as I was before). Further-more, my muscle mass has increased in the past 5 weeks by an impressive amount, while my fat mass has dropped at slightly more than the rate it was on the v2.3.
This is an improvement in my case, as I have been running a significant calorie deficit anyway (have plenty of fat mass to lose, still) but my muscle mass wasn’t gaining to the extent I wanted on v2.3 because my body was sacrificing muscle for energy.

The higher fat and protein content of Black Edition, then, is clearly making a significant positive difference for me. It is now far easier for me to consume at least close to the optimum amount of protein (in ratio to fat) that I am supposed to be; without the consequence of also ingesting far more carbs than I should be.
In terms of my specific diet… this is perfect.

Now, dietary requirements are basically unique to each individual, so I cannot definitively say that what works for me is probably better for you… and you should absolutely consult a specialist to determine your ideal ratios and intakes.
The point is that, for those of us on a low-carb : high fat/protein biased diet, Black Edition is - objectively - better than v2.3

Not much to say here. Black Edition quashes the sensation of hunger more effectively and for longer than v2.3. This is no surprise, as protein satisfies hunger far better than carbs.

Overall, my energy levels are much higher than they were on v2.3.
I wake up more alert, and - as backed up by my sleep tracking app - am sleeping overall better (typically +15% improvement on overall sleep quality) than I was on v2.3.

I’ve even noticed improvement in my typical cognitive function. Less delay in marshalling my words, my mental arithmetic skills have become quicker, and even my balance (essential when you’re doing freestyle/slalom/flow skating as I do) has improved.

While my experience is nothing more than anecdotal in terms of evidence (it is, after all, just one man’s experience) I should at least be clear that I sincerely and genuinely had absolutely no expectation of outcome when I decided to try out the Black Edition instead of v2.3.
I was aware, courtesy of medical experts dealing with my personal health and dietary issues, that Black Edition would be - in general - an easier way of achieving the elevated Protein and Fat intake levels I require, while also reducing the unwanted Carbs that I consumed as a consequence of v2.3.

I did not have any expectation of improved energy, or improved mental function, and especially not improved balance. These observations have been highlighted because the amount of change has been extremely significant.

I should also point out that there have been no other significant changes in my life circumstances. I have not changed my typical amount or means of exercise. I work the same job, I have not started dating someone new, or been through any greater or lesser emotional/physical/psychological hardships than the ongoing nightmares I have been enduring for the past few years.

Additionally, while my medical condition evolves all the time, there have been no noteworthy changes during the past 5 weeks, nor in the 5 weeks prior.

The reason I’m explaining all of this is because I would be the first to look for factors of change external to the subject of discussion to explain the differences. Indeed, I’ve already asked myself these questions and analysed them before anyone else feels the need to point out that there are far more variables involved in the characteristics described herein than just primary diet.

Okay, so with that out of the way… what do I think? V2.3 or Black Edition?

Well, for me personally, I’m sticking with Black Edition from now on. I shall gradually use up the remainder of my v2.3 stockpile by having the occasional portion thereof; but I shall not order any more v2.3, and will instead order more Black Edition.

For you? It depends what you want/need.

If you don’t have any medically-mandated dietary restrictions, then you are free to choose based on the other considerations at play.
Do you prefer the little bits, or a near-perfectly smooth Huel?
Do you prefer the subtle taste of v2.3 Vanilla, or the notably stronger flavour of Black Edition?
Do you tend to use supplemental Protein to aid in pre-workout energy, or post-workout muscle recovery? If yes, then you might prefer Black Edition to save some money (two birds, one stone… so to speak).

It’s subjective, and down entirely to your personal preferences (and any medical requirements, of course).

Hope someone finds this 5 week experience useful.

Huel… thanks again for improving my life!


Huel gives me the energy to do this

And yes, I’m skating in my work clothes (not exactly clever, but it was an unexpected - and extremely fun - session) :laughing:



So it’s true then? Once you go black, you never go back?

The time has come and I’ve just popped an order in. I’m not overly excited about kelp in mainline Huel but the changes in HB sound really good, I might switch full time after trying two bags.

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You make me very curious about the black edition. Unfortunately I had just ordered four bags of white right before black came out. And now I have to finish those first but I only have two scoops per day for breakfast and lunch so it might take a while before I can try black :sob:

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I would really like to see a version with the consistency of Black and the macros of White, that would be perfect.

How are you measuring and validating this out of interest?

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Two ways:

First, I have a remarkably accurate “Smart Scale” that differentiates between water mass, fat mass, bone mass, and muscle mass (by passing an electric current through your legs and reading the returns, I believe). My medical team require me to weigh in every morning when I wake up (pre-shower) and every evening before I jump into the shower before bed.

Secondly, I have to go for monthly medical checks, where they use an even more scientifically accurate means of measuring muscle mass, bone density/mass, water mass, fat mass.

Prior to my switching over to Black Edition, there were some very clear trend lines on these readings.
Those trend lines changed significantly after the second week of using Black Edition instead of v2.3, these trends completely changed, and as of my last medical, they now show a clear trend that is far more favourable.

The hypothesis re the fact that my body was sacrificing muscle mass to produce energy was the consensus of my consultants, and the process through which this happens has been explained to me.


I would really like to see a version with the consistency of Black and the macros of White

Huel: Zebra Edition :laughing:


Cool, thanks for background! Might seem naff but there are a lot of nerds here who care about the small details.

Think I’ll be going all out on black edition for my next order.

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That was a very interesting post! I’ve recently decided to swap to the black edition to see if there are some differences so I did a big big order before I read your post now I feel kind of curious :face_with_monocle:

Is my first order in USA I’ve been all the time sticking with the U.K. one hope it has the same quality.


I take it you’re new to these parts.

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