Are there different huel scoop sizes?

im getting a little confused. are the physical scoops that come with huel, huel black, and hot and savory all different?

im aware serving size is a little different between the 3. but the physical scoops… are they all ~50 grams? basically interchangeable between all 3?


you may have some of the older clear scoops and the newer opaque white ones but you are correct they are interchangeable.

No they aren’t all different! There should only be two scoops kicking around right now!

The main one is this and can be used for v3.0, Black Edition and Hot & Savoury. 1 scoop of each is ~200kcal.

The one below which says ‘OLD’ is used for Complete Protein and 1 scoop = 29g = 20g protein = 105kcal

Hope that helps!

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So the 200 kcal is about 50grams for a leveled scoop right? The white colored scoop

That’s it, very approximately 50g!

Very curious, how did you guys settle on “29 grams” precisely for the first one? :rofl:

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Haha! The weights are to do with the nutrition. So we wanted one portion of Complete Protein to contain 20g of protein! So 29g of the product is 20g of protein and that is approximately one of those smaller scoops!


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