Huel scoop in Complete Protein vs standard scoop

As I was consuming the Huel Complete Protein I discovered there was a scoop buried in the powder. The buried scoop is 70ml vs 96ml from the first order ones.

Which measure should I be using for preparing Complete Protein?

The one that you excavated from the depths of your Complete Protein tub is the one for your Protein! One serving of Protein is 29g, which is approximately one of those smaller scoops.

The larger scoop is for v3.0, Black Edition or Hot & Savoury. :blush:

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Oh, good to know, thanks for the answer Tim. I have been using the larger scoop for Complete Protein. I suggest adding to the Getting Started guide a page for telling which scoop goes with what product.

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Yes, it seems this happens quite often, and I guess people assume no scoop included (and not read instructions).

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Not a problem, the difference between one scoop and the other is not that much, and now I know which one to use :slight_smile: