Complete Protein scoop vs weight

Is it just me or does the scoop deliver considerably more that 29g of CP?

I always use scales and I get closer to 35g with a full scoop. I don’t compress it or anything, just scoop up some Huel making sure there aren’t any air pockets and its level and then empty it into my container. IT happens every time and I’ve started to leave a gap at the top so I can get closer to 29

I have no such issues with BE or 3.0 where a scoop is pretty much 45g

I always weigh my Huel as it’s a far more accurate measure. Depending on how you scoop the powder you can achieve a significant difference in the weight of the contents of a scoop.

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Yeah I noticed that too with the CP powder!

Strange thing is, I can tell by eye how much below the scoop line I need for 29g. I mean it’s consistently less than a scoop by the same amount, that suggests a problem in scoop/powder manufacture to me

Oooo I need to check this when scooping!
I have always just levelled off the scoop assuming that it would be 400 calories exactly.
I will be weighing in future to ensure my calorie count is true. Thanks for the heads up guys and gals. :thinking:

the CP is very fine and aerated compared with the core powders and the volume it occupies in the scoop could be subject to a lot of variables. that doesn’t mean theres anything wrong with it - its just the way (weigh?) it is.

I’m talking about complete protein, not the regular Huel Powders (black and white). those seems to be a little closer to one scoop = 45g imo.
Still worth weighing it, I always do as it’s easy and helps me remove any errors in scooping

imo if the scoop was ever so slightly smaller, I’d have close to 29g spot on each time

but then other people might not - if theres one thing for sure - scooping is not an exact science - but, if you do it consistently, then the exact measures become kind of academic.

So I go back to my original question. Is it just me that’s finding that a full scoop is much more than 29g or do others? A fair question I think. Do you use CP? Do you weigh it and have you found if it’s consistent or not?

If someone stores their CP at EXACTLY the same consistent temperature as you, and uses EXACTLY the same amount of powder in the scoop then yes, they will get the same weight. If they don’t, they wont. I tend to weigh the first scoop of a new product I use based on my normal storage conditions– and then just eyeball it from there.

I came here to post exactly that meme.

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Guys, get a scale to 1 decimal place and never guesstimate again.

:fist: Scales Not Scoops :fist:


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