Nutritional weights not aligned to scoop weights

Can someone explain why when a scoop is 38g (3x38=114) the nutritional info is listed per 100g or 125g?

Why not list the kcal and macros per 114g?

Or make a 25g / 50g scoop!

Most people just do the simple mathematical work, similar to any other product.

A lot of people just use a scale, or something like MyFitnessPal.

I know what you mean, a bigger scoop would be good. When I first started having Huel I presumed ( like others ) i was having 500 calories with 3 scoops and 4 a day would be 2000 calories. But after properly ( lol ) reading it realised it’s actually 459 calories for 3 scoops and 1836 calories for 4 shakes a day. So I guess scales are the best way as others here use anyway. Or maybe if you weigh 125 grams of Huel and pour it into a jug and see how much ML it comes to and look for a measuring cup for that amount. It would save weighing it every time but are we being more lazy not weighing it lol

I’d say weighing is pretty damn important if the nutrition is important to you. I can make a scoop weigh anywhere between 25g and 45g, that’s a potential 60g extra Huel you’re adding over 3 scoops. I often wonder if that’s why people sometimes fail to lose weight on Huel.


Very good point. I would say the scoop is for convenience, or if you’re not focused on how many calories you’re consuming. If the precise amount is important to you, scales are essential.


Yes I agree with that, we just scoop away quickly and scoops can be heaped up high. And on other occasions not even full scoops. So measuring it accurately is the way to go.


Listing the nutritional information in anything other than per 100g would be an absolute nightmare when you want to work out your own measures or compare Huel to another product. It’s also standard industry practice to list per 100g.

The scoop is not really a device for anybody who wants to monitor their intake accurately. As @GTIPuG has said it’s possible to have quite a swing in weight when using a scoop as it depends on how compacted the Huel is in the scoop.

Ditch the scoop and use scales.


I use scales all the time where it matters. Put water in Huel shaker or blender bottle. Place shaker on scales and zero. Scoop in powder to required amount. Shake or blend. Boom! Easy peasy!


Wow I forgot I got digital scales that you can zero with a container on it . Great thanks for reminding me :smile: that’s what I am gonna do.


I can obviously work out the amounts and I realise that a level scoop is more than a heaped scoop.

I compact and level off my scoop serving which I’ve previously weighed and it’s 38g so I’m happy that I’m close enough to a standard weight when I measure out, using the scales constantly really shouldn’t be needed.

You get a 25g scoop with MyProtein Whey powder and it just seems a simple, logical step that would make working out macros easier. Nobody has really addressed the question… why not just make a scoop that contains some multiple of 25g? I was interested in the reasoning behind the decision not a workaround.

I understand that it looks a bit odd. Essentially it was because a) there’s no such thing as a 50/100/38g scoop b) the scoops we got from our suppliers we reckon were about 38g on average.

a) Every scoop you take of Huel is different. If it were possible to have a 38g scoop every time then:

Scoop 1 = 38g
Scoop 2 = 76g
Scoop 3 = 114g

However I’ve measured it every time I have Huel and I’ve never had this. Scoop 3 might equal 114 on occasion, but the scoops have never followed linearly. I parody this here.

Therefore a 50g scoop doesn’t = 50g every time. The scoop is just a means of getting out Huel from the pouch and if nutritional precision is important to you then scales will always be the best answer.

We think 400-500kcal is a good portion size to start with, but really everyone is different so giving a recommendation is difficult. Legally we have to say 100g on the label and we also have to give a serving suggestion and we think 500kcal makes the most sense (14 meals per bag, not 15.35, if we used 114g)

Saying all this, we are in fact releasing a “50g scoop” in the USA for ease, and reducing our recommended portion size to 100g (2 scoops) soon. If this goes well then we may reconsider here as we want Huel to be as simple to use as possible. You wish may come true :slight_smile:


Thanks Tim. Great detail. Didn’t realise that the 100g amount was a legal requirement. Consider my curiousity sated :)). Personally much prefer the idea of a 50g scoop so my +1 to implementing that in the U.K.

Personally I take 2 scoops with a 25g scoop of whey isolate. Slightly less calories and about 40g protein which is a perfect pre/post workout meal. It’s a great product and it must feel amazing to be at a startup that’s so successful AND ethical. Best of luck for the future.

Any chance of getting Huel in biodegradable bags rather than the plastic ones I feel so guilty for binning? Or failing that perhaps a recyclable container?