The Perfect Game...almost

We discuss the practicality of scoops on the forum quite regularly. Some enjoying the convenience of adding level scoops as a measure of calorie intake, happy that after 3 scoops the fluctuations in the first two has probably leveled out somewhat. Then there are others that use scales to measure their Huel more precisely, for many reasons like weight control or simply because knowing the exact amount of calories is fun.

I’m the latter, and the latter of the latter at that. I like weighing my food because I find it interesting.

Anyway, Sunday night in my kitchen I am preparing my breakfast Huel so I can have in on the way to the gym. Haphazardly scooping Huel out of the pouch and into my shaker, which is delicately placed onto my zeroed scales, I am delighted to see the magic 38g pop up on the screen.

“Oh my god, I got a 38g scoop!” I shout to my girlfriend next door.

“That’s great dear.” She responds dismissively. Not understanding the significance of such an event and not sharing a love of precision like myself. I ignore her ambivalence and carry on, taking the next scoop from my pouch and pouring it on top of the previous.


Not being the sharpest mathematician, nor being that well versed in Julian’s magnum opus How to use Huel, I had to try and work out whether two 38s were 76.

They were…or are and always have been. Which meant two consecutive perfect scoops.

I was now on my hat-trick ball, into extra time, bottom of the ninth and any other ball game analogies you wish to make. My palms were sweaty - knees weak, arms were heavy - and my hands shaking as I gingerly attempted to be casual as I took the final scoop from the pouch.

That was how I usually scoop, right? That looks normal, doesn’t it?” I try to reassure myself. Briefly considering taking another scoop before I blindly dump this final measure into my shaker. It feels like a lifetime before the scales re-balance and when my eyes come back into focus after envisaging the glory this perfect game I read the digital screen.


My whole world crumbles around me. How could this happen? The Gods were on my side, couldn’t they have just held on for longer? What did I do wrong? I knew the scoop looked too full.

Damn these scoops, they were never accurate anyway.


Mom’s spaghetti. So close yet so far!

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Haha. I got pleasure this morning weighing water! I put the first shaker on the scales, zero’d the scales and measured out the scoops. Filled the second shaker with water and put it on the scales. Boom! 0g! Never had that before, always a couple of grams out.