So, turns out I’ve probably been having too much Huel. I have been walking around like a massive stink bomb, full to the brim in my stomach. having started today actually weighing what I am having, I feel a lot more comfortable, and not as stinky.

Anyone else go through the actual effort of weighing? - seems like a message ball ache but it’ll work, I hope.

Also, do any friends/work colleagues judge you on doing huel? I have had one today be like, why don’t you just cook food. But it’s not like that. for me, Huel is helpful.

Its helping me to sleep better and work better through the day.

I try not to have huel in public because when I try and explain its liquid food people look at me like I’m drinking my own unrine or something. And they also ask why not just cook? They should design a more discreet shaker bottle.


to be honest, I could just have it in a protein shaker bottle but I like to be annoying sometimes haha! its nto even in public, its in works tea room, or at home I have it.

Even with friends and family their like “so it’s a powder you mix with water and you drink it instead of having a meal… why?” Maybe I’m just not good at explaining it.

Which is the definition of foods like bread, a staple in most cultures. This one is just “baking optional”

I don’t personally but it’s amazing how easy it is to over/underestimate how much you’re having with the scoops. If you’re using Huel to control your weight I think measuring the weight of the powder is essential

Yes I weighed absolutely everything when I was on the weight loss calorie deficit. Now I don’t really have to but will again if it becomes necessary. So far I am maintaining my preferred weight very nicely, thanks to Huel.


I suppose if your trying to lose weight you should. But I never bother.

A few grams here and there isn’t gonna make much difference; I mean your calorific output every day is never exactly the same. Trouble is most people don’t understand or appreciate their portion sizes. If you ate 4 jelly babies every day for a year and didn’t expend the calories, you’d gain 4 kilos.

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this is where I fail. I am absolutely rubbish at the whole calorie thing :joy: im really trying to count my calories with macros also and it’ll probably fail. but I guess its working because im now starving and don’t finish work for another couple of hours.

Does the weighted amount you are having now drastically differ from the equivalent 2 or 3 scoop recommendation?