Huel, overall health nutrition and weight loss

I know there are a lot of these topics but I don’t mind copying.

So I received my delivery on Friday and on Monday I’m going 100% Huel Monday to Friday.

I’m very overweight right now with a terrible diet. But I am a very active person who hits the gym and I am a plasterer/builder regularly working up a sweat and going breathless due to my job. So ultimately the only reason I haven’t lost weight since starting this job is my diet, nutrition and I suspect a lifetime of abuse has left my gut bacterial health terrible.

Because I am very active I will be giving myself 2400 calories and I suspect I will lose weight despite that being a normal maintenance weight and I’m also hoping for better gains at the gym due to a proper protein intake relative to my weight.

I’m quite shocked at how filling Huel is and don’t expect to find the transition too bad. I’d also like to experiment in making some cookies or some such (no sugar added) for a non liquid variety of my meals. If anyone has any advice on that I’m all ears.

Go for it. I’m a reasonably active female and my fitbit shows that I’ve used just shy of 2400 calories today (today was a low activity day) Last week most days I burned around 3000 calories, except for Tuesday when it was 3500. I’m also overweight so clearly I’m eating 3500 most days too :smiley:

If you’re concerned about gut bacteria a really good quality probiotic should help, I’ve never worked out why you can’t just eat yoghurt …

Good luck


Yeah I don’t know much about the gut bacteria!

So has Huel helped you much then Nik?