3 Scoops = 114g on my scales its = 93g

Hi what’s gone wrong when I decided to weigh my Huel on my digital scales it seems that 3 scoops is 93g how come?

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Scoop density can vary, I personally always use scales.

Could be spacing in the scoop. You’ll gather pockets of air using it. I believe Julian spoke about this - I think he advocates scales where you’re wanting to measure things really accurately.

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I also found that 3 scoops wasn’t near 114g.

It depends how dense the scoop is. If you compress Huel you could probably get 200g in a scoop. Huel is considered a powder and as I’m sure you’re aware, powder can be aerated and condensed within a scoop meaning it will be lighter or heavier.

I always use digital scales.

Measuring powders by volume is convenient but highly variable. American food writers have written a lot on this as it’s normal there to measure flour by volume for baking, and some recipies just can’t handle the variation.

For accuracy with any powder, always measure with a decent set of scales.

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The weight measured by scoop vs weighed by adding to water differs for me too. I’ve tested it by adding powder to an empty shaker and then adding the same amount to a shaker contains water. The amount you need to add to the water is considerably more. It seems to haveless to do with the density of each scoop but more to do with the fact you’re weighing it on a liquid. i know scientifically this shouldn’t make a difference, but somehow it does. (Actually after checking this it turns out that though the mass of the powder won’t be changed, the reading on the scales will be different due to the buoyant force counteracting the gravity acting on the powder. )

This is obviously a problem if you’re not trying to gain weight or trying to loose weight as you’ll be taking in more calories than you need. The best way would be to measure the powder separately and then add it to the water or to put the bag on the scale and measure how much you take out of it.

I’ve always said that scoops are a poor method of measuring. Read this section here: https://huel.com/pages/how-to-use#step3

The main issues are:

  • The amount in each scoop will vary a bit, due to air gaps, and not levelling off level.
  • You can only measure in increments of 38g approx

I just measured 3 scoops three times, levels off with a knife and got the following:

  • 113g
  • 113g
  • 114g

My scoops are always overflowing. But because it tastes so good, I’m like, “Yeah, that’s a level scoop.” :grin:

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