How much huel per shaker for weight loss

So after enjoying my free sample I’ve got a bag of huel arriving tomorrow, main aim is weight loss

I need to keep things simple or I will revert to eating junk

What is the scoops to water ratio??? Can I just leave it at 100g of huel in 550ml of water and expect some weight loss??? I also liked the texture of this mix but obviously if I can drop out some grams of huel per shaker and maintain the same or similar texture my bag will last longer hence happy me

Also how long will my bag last me with 100g of huel per shaker??

With my free sample I skipped breakfast (i often do as not hungry at 6am) prepped my huel at work at 12 and waited until I was actually hungry at 2pm to consume it it lasted me about 40 mins then at home I had a healthy meal with the family (important for the kids when we are all together) but I guess if I got back later and they had eaten I would do another shaker of 100g huel 550ml water.

I’ve just seen another post of someone who mixes 122g of huel…very precise I assume they have used a calorie counting app. Is there any point to this or just stick to 100g of huel per shaker

I’m sure I’ll get more adventurous once I see results but for now simplicity is the key

You can work it out how many calories you need but I just have 80g for breakfast & lunch and a healthy tea if you want to lose weight (I’m Male, 5’10", 11.5 stone, fairly active) . I still have treats, beer, chips etc but in moderation. I also use it for a recovery meal after cycling so will have it once I get to work after a 19 mile bike ride.
You usually have a 5:1 mix so 100g Huel & 500ml water. but I have 80g Huel and 400ml water and isn’t too thick. I make it up the night before and leave in fridge overnight.
A bag is 1700g so 17 meals at 100g but for the £45 you get 2 bags (28 meals @ 122g)
To get it precise you just use digital scales.


Thanks very helpful, I also cycle maybe 20 miles once or twice a week for leisure though not a commute so it’s very relevant although I hate cycling in winter might need to get a decent turbo trainer

I use a bkool, great trainer and makes it more interesting.

Try this: The Mathematical Diet

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happy with my progress so far think it’s important I put it up here for me to look back on!!

got my order of huel on 10th of October started at an unhealthy 17st 1

Have been going By my routine above :arrow_up:️ which I’ve pretty solidly stuck too (on some huel meals now where I want a thicker shake and bigger meal I have added 2 and a 1/2 or 3 scoops of huel to 550 water)

First week weighed on the 16th 3lbs dropped off I was happy with this in as much as a slow progress every week is better than a big drop. Got faith in my huel and even had the occasional naughty thing (a few doritos etc as apposed to a whole bag that’s meant to feed 4 people)

Weighed today on the 24th and down to 16st 2 so really chuffed only had one or two headaches along the way

Knowing my body this weight loss will slow soon and I will adjust my routine accordingly to see if I can keep it going also off the bike at the moment due to hideous weather so will substitute a bit more exercise where I can which usually kicks the weight loss back in if your reading this starting your own weight loss journey good luck

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Just an observation as someone who started weight loss at pretty much the same weight as you - Don’t skip breakfast. Even if you’re not hungry, even if it makes you gag. My metabolism really kicked up a notch when I started having huel at 6.30am every day.

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So sorry we missed this post. So pleased that you have been making progress. Have you started having Huel for breakfast too? I completely agree with @GTIPuG that breakfast is essential to weight loss and will help prevent over compensation in the afternoon.

Some notes on weight loss. There is no specific amount of Huel that will work for everyone. We are all different but a good and safe way to lose weight is to cut your calorie intake by 500 kcal below what you need to maintain your weight. We have a really useful guide written by James (Huel co-founder and Registered Nutritionist) about weight loss -

I hope this helps further!

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