Nice article in the Telegraph

Pretty positive for a change!


Something that jumped out at me

This morning I splashed five parts water onto one part silty, vanilla-scented Huel as instructed. It’s a thin, beige, oaty-sweet mixture, 150 calories stretched across the best part of a litre.

The instructions really do need to be clearer, 1 scoop (150 calories) can easily be mistaken for 1 part.


We have recently changed our instructions to make Huel easier for the first time user:

Start here:
Add 400ml cold water first, then:
Add 3 level scoops of Huel
Add 3 ice cubes (Optional)
Blend or shake vigorously for 10 seconds
Then top up with approx. 170ml of cold water


This is a ratio of 5:1 (5 parts water, 1 part Huel)

Adjust to your liking

  • Water = thinner and less sweet.
  • Water = thicker and sweeter.

I realise that the concept of ratios can be a bit tricky at times. But by using the 5:1 we think it means that those that don’t want the generic 3 scoops can adapt Huel easier themselves and still get a good consistency.

I expect Tom, the author, knew how to make Huel properly, but the article was far more farcical if he was doing it wrong - such is the way of the journalist! Overall though we were really pleased to see this popping up on our Twitter and Facebook feeds yesterday morning. He recognised that Huel is not intended for 100% usage and acknowledged that this wasn’t what the founders recommended multiple times.

I thought it was a fair review, and a good read. He acknowledged jumping straight in was not recommended too…


I’d phrase this as:

This is a ratio of 5:1 (5 parts water to 1 part Huel, by weight)

Without that clarification it can be misleading. I know the mixing info is repeated all over the website & forum, but people pick & choose what they bother to read & many it seems don’t think they need instructions so read very little before jumping in.

[Edit] +1 for Quaver flavoured Huel.

It was a fair review.

The Telegraph also covered Huel a few months back as that’s where I first heard about it. That review was also positive. The only thing I was dubious about with this article was that I think anyone going from a normal diet straight to 100% huel is going to find it hard!

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I personally hate it when powders give instructions in scoop’s not gram’s a level scoop could be off by quite a bit given the nature of powder, air pockets and stuff.

Is Tom to be credited for coining the term “Huel Turkey” here or have we heard that one before? I like it!

Am I the only one that finds 3 scoops to be too filling?

I’ve been replacing breakfast with 2 scoops, dinner with 2 scoops, then eating from the cafe at work (and grazing on sweets and biscuits because why not).

Though I think that now my body is getting used to Huel, hunger is kicking back in a little sooner than it used to after a drink.

But this is the kind of article that’s good and fair, yeah he approached it wrong, but so do a lot of people.

For the first week I was extremely full and bloated after 3 scoops.

It’s been 21 days now and my body has adjusted; I don’t get the same bloating (or ass gas) that I had at first.

I typically have 3 & 1/3 scoops (ca 500 kcal) and it’s not too much for me in any way. But I’m the kind of guy that likes a 400 g steak or burger. Or, I used to be.

Me too, I found 3 scoops (if that’s 100g) wasn’t filling enough so I now go for 125g, 2 or 3 times a day with a Huel bar and a meal.

I’m currently on 4 scoops a shake 3 times a day.

Sometimes I’ll have an extra shake depending on whether I’ve been working out or not that day.

I’ve discovered that my water intake has a lot to due with my satiety; I’m wondering if it’s due to the extra fiber? I find I’m a lot more thirsty than usual; and if I drink plenty of water then I won’t be hungry for a good 4 or 5 hours.